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Personal Injury Law Firm Blogs Should Hire the Best Legal Content Writer with Proven Results

Personal injury law firms have it the hardest of all law firms.  Advertising in this space is incredibly competitive and extremely difficult.  This is because your competitors will all advertise in different mediums on television, newspapers, Google paid ads, sides of buses, and other common places.  It can absolutely be a battle to get any clients, especially the good clients.  After all, all personal injury lawyers know about the “gold coin” case that we are all hunting—that one case that pays out the rest of your life’s expenses.  To have any chance at this type of case, you need to advertise.  The best way to advertise is on the internet with a law firm blog.  If you are hunting this type of case, you need to hire the best legal content writer with proven results to get it for you.

This is because you cannot just rely on any type of legal content writer.  No, you need a personal injury legal content writer like our law firm blogger—you need the best legal content writer.  We have been examining what makes the best legal content writer and have come up with 7 necessary traits, and another 3 important bonus traits.  If your legal content writer does not have these traits, than you do not have the best legal content writer for personal injury law firms. 

These traits are the following:

  1. At least 5 years of experience, preferably over 10 years;
  2. JD and licensed to practice law in at least one state;
  3. Experience with SEO;
  4. Actual legal practicing experience, bonus for plaintiff and defense work;
  5. Proven results with legal content writing;
  6. Punctual and on time;
  7. Set-it and forget-it kind of relationship;
  8. Strong communication skills;
  9. Reasonable revision policy and refund policy;
  10. Understands medicine and anatomy to explain it inside blog posts.

We Have the Best Legal Content Writer with Proven Results

We are now at the 5th and halfway point of our list discussing the best legal content writer.  We previously discussed that our legal content writer has over a decade of experience drafting legal content and law firm blogs for personal injury lawyers.  Our legal content writer also holds a juris doctor and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.  Our law firm blog writer also have experience with SEO and shared several important tips for personal injury lawyers.  Most importantly, our personal injury blog writer has actually legal practicing experience handling plaintiff, defense, and now chambers’ side of litigation.

But what is all of this good for without results.  After all, it is in the American psyche that results matter.  So let’s look at some results.

Proven Legal Content Writer Results from our Personal Injury Law Firm Blog Writer

Here are our legal marketing company, we remember our best result for a New York medical malpractice lawyer.  We are sure the lawyer also remembers!  For almost our entire decade of legal content experience, we have been working with attorney John H. Fisher, Esq., in Kingston, New York.  He was our first client that we responded to in a classified ad posted on a law school job board.  We have drafted thousands of blog posts for his law firm over the years, including some blog posts every single years of the last decade.  We have done a “set-it and forget-it” schedule, topic list, and marketing plan with his law firm.

A few years ago we got a special request for a telephone conference with attorney Fisher.  He advised us over the telephone that a medical malpractice blog our medical malpractice legal content writer drafted had a huge $3.6 million award!

What Happened for the Big $3.6 Million Case

When he met with his client for the first time, attorney Fisher told us that the client referenced a blog post on his website about heart attack misdiagnosis cases and premature discharges from hospital emergency rooms.  The client advised that his 31-year-old wife went into a local hospital with the classic symptoms of a heart attack which WAS confirmed on an EKG.  

However, the local hospital inexplicably sent the patient home with a diagnosis of anxiety.  No treatment for the heart attack occurred.  The patient suffered the same symptoms for five days under she suddenly died.  

It was determined she died from a heart rupture due to the ongoing heart attack.  Had she been treated when she first went to the hospital or any time in the days before her death, she would still be alive.

What Did Our Medical Malpractice Blog Post Say?

best legal content writer

Our blog post discussed heart attacks and how hospitals could misdiagnosis heart attacks as heart burn, muscle aches, gas, and even anxiety or panic attacks.  Our medical malpractice blog post also explained that, when a heart attack is misdiagnosed, it could cause scarring to the heart which could make it prone to tearing or rupturing.  We had literally described the client’s case in our blog post.

Attorney Fisher advised that the client references all of these factors during the first client conference right from the blog post.  It was clear that the legal marketing right on the blog post was what compelled the client to call New York medical malpractice lawyer John H. Fisher.

Why Did Our Law Firm Blog Post Deliver?

Our personal injury legal content writer was able to deliver this quality blog post to this New York medical malpractice lawyer for several reasons.  First, our legal content writer is a former personal injury lawyer who has actually handled heart attack misdiagnosis cases!!!  When you have a legal content writer that actually has handled heart attack misdiagnosis cases, it means your website content is going to superior to content writers who have never handled a heart attack. 

Second, our personal injury legal content writer knows the medicine and anatomy extremely well.  This is, again, from practicing law and handling these cases.  But our writer also researches the relevant topics to get accurate information.  We also hyperlink to helpful websites for clients to follow, which also helps Google SEO.

Third and finally, our blog post delivered because it was relevant and helpful content.  We found a problem (heart attack), explained what could happen (misdiagnosis), and what the result could be (wrongful death).  We then explained how John H. Fisher the medical malpractice lawyer could help that client.  

Personal Injury Law Firms Should Hire the Best Legal Content Writer with Proven Results

There are not going to be too many legal content writers or legal marketing businesses that tell you their personal injury blog posts resulted in a $3.6 million case.  Our case was very unique and the attorney was literally so impressed that he told us that he had a client come in and reference our blog post specifically.  That is great marketing!  For both the lawyer, and for us!

Some of our other success has come by virtue that we have been a law firm’s sole marketing for many years and they continue to have great cases.  The mere fact that our clients have stayed with us for so many years just indicates that we are producing the results they want.  While we do not have any specific examples of getting hits right now, we have the same clients for many years.

It is important as a personal injury law firm handling auto accidents, trucking accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, medical malpractice, animal attacks, wrongful death, and any other type of personal injury case to have great marketing.  You may not be able to out-muscle the law firms with blanket television ads, but you can certainly out-muscle law firms with stronger internet marketing.  It will still be hard to do, but that is why you should hire the best legal content writer with proven results to do it for you.

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