Proven Results for Personal INjury Lawyers

Our legal marketing business has proven results and success for our personal injury lawyers.  One of our New York medical malpractice clients had a $3.6 million case come in directly from one of our medical malpractice legal content writer’s blog posts about misdiagnosing a heart attack.  Check out our testimonials for more information!


Written by Court Attorney IN NY Supreme Court

Our legal content writer is a court attorney/law clerk appointed to the New York State Supreme Court to a New York State Supreme Court Justice.  Our law firm blog writer is also appointed as member to the Committee on Character and Fitness.  Both of these appointments demonstrate strong legal skills, ability, and ethics.


Real litigation experience

Our personal injury legal content writer has actual litigation and appellate experience handling personal injury cases on the plaintiff and defense side, settling matters close to seven-figures.  Our law firm blog writer was also rated a Super Lawyer Rising Star for top 2.5% of lawyers under 40/less than 10 years experience.


Ask Our Legal Content Writer How We Can Help Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Our legal content writer has drafted thousands of personal injury blog posts for law firms throughout the country.  This is a decade of experience drafting law firm blog posts on auto accidents, trucking accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, medical malpractice, wrongful death, construction accidents, and may other types of negligence-based blog posts.  We also have a strong aptitude for medicine and anatomy, and frequently draft blog posts on heavier medical topics like hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), Kernicterus, and spinal fusions.

The best thing is that I know I have gotten new clients from NAB’s blog posts and new website content, and the positive feedback about my website keeps growing.  I could not have done this without NAB Legal Marketing, LLC.

John H. Fisher, Esq.

Legal Content Writer and Law Firm Blog Writer for All Types of Law Firms

Our legal content writer and law firm blog writer can draft law firm content for any type of law firm, although our primary focus and strength are personal injury law firms.  We have a decade of experience drafting legal content for personal injury lawyers, as well as actual court experience handling personal injury cases for real clients in real matters.  Law firms throughout the country should hire us for any of the following:

  • Personal injury legal content writer.
  • Auto accident legal content writer.
  • Trucking accident legal content writer.
  • Medical malpractice legal content writer.
  • Slip and fall legal content writer.
  • Trip and fall legal content writer.
  • Wrongful death legal content writer.
Stronger Content

Powerful legal content focused on getting large-value cases after catastrophic accidents causing severe personal injuries.

Exceptional Content

Our legal content writer with actual law firm experience will deliver exceptional content for your law firm blog.

Save More Money

Our affordable and industry-aggressive pricing helps keep your costs down for our legal content writer.

Delivered Right to Your Website

Our legal content writer can draft law firm blogs and post them right to your personal injury website.

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Contact our personal injury legal content writer to get detailed, accurate, and persuasive law firm blogs on your law firm website today!

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