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NAB Legal Marketing, LLC Client John H. Fisher, Esq. Reports that his Recent $3.6 Million Recovery Came from an Internet Hit from Our Legal Content Writing Services and Advertising

Legal content writing services are very important.  It simply cannot be stressed enough that internet marketing is vital to lawyers.  Less and less people go to the phonebook to find a lawyer, and more and more people use the internet to search for, vet, and ultimately retain a lawyer.  Having an accessible website with good content is key to floating your website to the top of these search results and hooking a potential client with a winning case.

Just ask John H. Fisher, Esq. who recently recovered $3.6 million for the estate of a victim of medical malpractice in Ulster County, New York, all from an internet contact to his website.

John reports that the patient had classic cardiac complaints consistent with the symptoms of a heart attack which was confirmed by an EKG.  However, the hospital discharged the patient with the diagnosis of anxiety instead and did not provide treatment for the heart attack.  Five days later, the 31-year-old patient died suddenly of a heart rupture.  Had the victim received timely treatment for her heart attack, it was more likely than not that her heart rupture would have been avoided and she would still be alive today.

After this recent recovery, John contacted us to advise that the client came directly from an internet hit which was spurred by our blog advertising.  This is a great outcome for his client, John who has no referral fee, and for our legal content writers at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC as it validates the importance of our legal content writing services.

John is owner and founder of John H. Fisher, P.C. and the website www.ProtectingPatientRights.com which has been providing people information and answers to complex medical malpractice questions for years.  He is one of the preeminent plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorneys and also a go-to legal marketing professional.  He organizes The Mastermind Experience, an intense bootcamp program for a small group of attorneys to help boost a lawyer’s law practice, as well as the author of The Power of a System: How to Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams.

Interested in learning how our legal content writing services can get you multi-million dollar cases?  Contact us today to learn how we can help you by using our easy-to-use and convenient form.  Mention coupon code JFISHER36 for a FREE legal blog sample!

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