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Personal Injury Lawyers Should Ask For the Best Legal Content Writer with Experience

Personal injury lawyers do not deserve just any legal content writer, but they deserve the best legal content writer.  This means having a legal content writer with experience.  Experience is important for any facet of life.  Whether it is about cooking an egg or whether it is cross-examining an IME doctor, having experience is important.  This is why we have the best legal content writer that a personal injury law firm could have.  We explained this in our latest page about us having all of the seven important traits of the best legal content writer.

The seven important traits of the best legal content writer are the following:

  1. Experience over five years and preferably over ten years;
  2. Having a juris doctor and law license;
  3. Having Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience;
  4. Actual law practice experience, a bonus if both plaintiff and defense work;
  5. Proven results and hits;
  6. Timely delivery of content; and
  7. Autonomous once a schedule is established.

We also said a truly exceptional personal injury legal content writer should also have these three BONUS traits:

  1. Responsive and strong communication skills;
  2. Reasonable revisions and a refund policy; and
  3. An understanding of medicine and anatomy.

We are the Best Legal Content Writer with Experience

Focusing on the first point and most important trait of a legal content writer, that is experience.  Generally, our legal content writer has over a decade of experience drafting legal content and law firm blog posts.  A decade of drafting legal content and law firm blogs is exceptional.  It is really important to have this type of experience.  Like we said above, even boiling an egg requires some experience.  And let’s be honest, the first time you boil and egg it isn’t likely to be as great as the 100th time.  Or the 1,000th time.  Well, we are over a thousand blog posts in that decade of working law firm websites.

Specifically, we have experience with many different types of legal content.  The two types of blog posts we have drafted the most are medical malpractice and auto accidents (specifically trucking accidents).  Having so much experience in these two areas of law really helps to produce solid content that can help law firms 1) get higher search engine results, and 2) obtain more clients.  For instance, here is some information about the experience we have with specific legal content.

Medical Malpractice Legal Content Writer

We have to be one of the top if not the best legal content writer when it comes to medical malpractice law firm blog posts.  This is for two reasons.  First, we have a decade of experience drafting medical malpractice blog posts.  We have drafted medical malpractice blog posts for law firms coast-to-coast in the United States.  We have also drafted medical malpractice blog posts on very complicated and difficult issues.  Second, we have actually law firm practice experience handling medical malpractice cases.  This includes drafting pleadings, discovery responses, depositions, motion practice, oral arguments, trials, and appeals.  You simply will not find another medical malpractice legal content writer with experience like us.

We also have experience having success.  One of our medical malpractice clients had a big hit when one of the blog posts resulted in a $3.6 million award.  The client came to the law firm referencing one of the blogs that our medical malpractice legal content writer drafted.

Auto Accident Legal Content Writer

For almost the entire decade that we have been drafting legal content, we have been working with auto accident law firms.  This area of law is very competitive as auto accidents are definitely a desired type of personal injury case.  This is why many personal injury lawyers and law firms ask for an auto accident legal content writer.  There are so many potential law firm blog topics for auto accidents that could be done.  We have experience handling these for clients to ensure that their law firm website raises on the Google search engine results.

Trucking Accident Legal Content Writer

For almost the entire decade we have also been drafting legal content for trucking accident lawyers.  While auto accidents are very competitive markets for personal injury lawyers, trucking accidents are even more intense.  Tractor trailer crashes, big rigs, box trucks, 18 wheelers, and other types of semi tractor trailer crashes are some of the most competitive personal injury cases.  This is why it is imperative to hire an experienced trucking accident legal content writer to help market any personal injury lawyer who wants even one trucking accident case.  We have been drafting trucking accidents cases throughout the United States.  Many of our posts focus on catastrophic personal injuries causing wrongful death.  This is why it is important to have this experience because it helps share to clients what they want and give to Google what it needs.  The best legal content writer with experience can do this for your law firm blog.

We Are the Best Legal Content Writer With Experience

Practicing law is very difficult.  It is a practice.  It is about learning as you go.  But unfortunately, owning a law firm and practicing law is very expensive.  This is particularly true of personal injury law firms.  Solo practitioners feel this the most with their law firm.  This is because personal injury lawyers must front the money for experts, medical records, and other expenses.  This means that personal injury lawyers must pay their clients’ expenses first.  If the case is lost, either on liability, causation, or below-expected damages, the lawyer eats this money.  

One of the most important aspects of being a personal injury lawyer is getting cases.  Personal injury lawyers can try to advertise for themselves, but this is difficult.  It is also time consuming.  More lawyers also do not know what SEO is and how it works.  Without a proper foundation, most of the time spent by a lawyer working on law firm marketing could be wasted.  This is why it is critical to hire the best legal content writer with experience to help your law firm blog.

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