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Medical Malpractice Cases are Different Then Other Personal Injury Cases: Hire a Medical Malpractice Legal Content Writer

As with any personal injury law firm, there are many reasons why to hire a medical malpractice legal content writer. This is particularly true because medical malpractice cases are different than other types of personal injury cases. While the specifics of the decisional law can be different, the actual standard that doctors have been held to has not changed for over a century. For example, in New York the standard that a physician’s duty is to use reasonable care and diligence in the exercise of his/her skill and the application of his/her learning to accomplish the purpose for which he/she was employed. Specifically, a physician must use the skull and learning of an average physician to exercise reasonable care and exert his/her best judgment in the effort to bring about a good result. That standard, the verbiage slightly modified, was sent in 1898 by the highest court of New York in Pike v. Honsinger. Our medical malpractice legal content writer knows that because he is a former medical malpractice lawyer.

Rather, medical malpractice cases all hinge on what that standard of care is. The standard of care is set by experts. The experts are the one which opine what is the reasonable standard that the physician-defendant should be held to. This standard will obviously change over time as medical advancements grow. Meaning that a OB/GYN physician in 1950 is held to a different standard than an OB/GYN in 1990, which is held in a different standard than an OB/GYN in 2020. But the general law has not changed.

What changes is the medicine. This is why you need to hire a medical malpractice legal content writer that can explain the law. After all, medical malpractice cases are different because the battle is not usually about the law (unless there is a summary judgment motion and you need to argue there is a question of fact or credibility between parties or experts). Rather, medical malpractice cases are different because you need to argue the medical standard and why what the physician performed was not followed.

Medical Malpractice Blogs Need to Explain the Medicine For Potential Clients

The truth is, many victims of medical malpractice do not know they are victims. By having a strong medical malpractice law firm blog and personal injury website, you can explain various aspects of medical procedures and what could commonly go wrong. When you do this, patients who feel aggrieved could look up what happened in their procedure. They may even just lookup information about the surgery itself, the procedure, or look for other people who had similar outcomes to normalize what happened to them.

That is where you come in. With a strong medical malpractice law firm blog, you can provide the information to potential clients and explain what happened to them was not correct and that they may have been aggrieved. Then you can explain the law and demonstrate how your law firm can help.

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Now, most lawyers thinks they can do this themselves. Some can. But most cannot. Especially if the lawyer does not 1) have time, or 2) know what SEO standard for. This is why you should hire a medical malpractice legal content writer. Our personal injury legal content writer has been drafting medical malpractice blog posts for law firm blogs for over a decade. We also have proven results, as one client in New York had a $3.6 million case come right in due to one of our blog posts!

If you are a personal injury law firm looking to get more medical malpractice clients, hire a medical malpractice legal content like ours to help increase your web presence and retain more clients.

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