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Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Legal Content Writer 

If you are a personal injury law firm anywhere in the United States, you should hire a personal injury legal content writer.  It is often said that the practice of law is indeed, a practice.  We are constantly learning and improving.  But as many solo and small firms know, the practice of law is also a business.  Many solo and small firms cannot afford to hire business managers and attorneys must handle the business aspects.  One of the most important business aspects for any personal injury law firm is the marketing.  Indeed, without good marketing a personal injury law firm will not have good clients.  Or actually any clients at all.  This is why it is important for a law firm to hire a personal injury legal content writer to help with marketing.

Now, many solo and small personal injury law firms are also worried about the bottomline and expenses.  That is an entirely fair point!  How can law firms with small margins afford to pay for someone else to help with marketing?  

The answer is simple.  To me at least.  But here are some of the important reasons why you need to hire a personal injury legal content writer:

1) You Don’t Have Time

For lawyers, time is our product.  How much time we have to commit to a case is what we can sell.  This means that lawyers who spend more time on a case can generally make more money.  That is, if they do it correctly.  This is obvious when a lawyer gets to bill per hour.  But that notation is mostly with defense firms or other practice areas that are not plaintiff’s personal injury.  However, a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer that correctly assesses a case’s worth can spend more time on that case to help it grow.  If a lawyer has to take one or two hours a day to craft blog posts, that means one or two hours not helping that case grow.

2) You Do Not Know What SEO, Metadescriptions, Tags, Categories, and Slugs Are

If you do not know what SEO stands for, or the difference between metadescriptions, tags, categories and slugs, you shouldn’t bank on your blogs from getting the right hits.  Yes, it is perfectly possible to write good blogs, thorough on the law, and still get great hits and new clients.  However, if you utilize the correct SEO and behind-the-scene techniques with meta-descriptions, tags, categories, and slugs, you will do so much better.  This is why a personal injury legal content writer can do a much better job at writing blog posts than you.  Yes, you know the law well, but you simply don’t know how to communicate that knowledge to Google and search engines which will translate your blog into a language customers will understand.

3) You Haven’t Written Thousands of Personal Injury Blog Posts (such as when you hire a personal injury legal content writer who has)

Whether you have been a lawyer for two months or two decades, you probably haven’t written thousands of personal injury blog posts like we have.  Our personal injury legal content writer has been writing personal injury blog posts for a decade and has drafted more than a thousand blog posts for PI law firms throughout the United States.  This type of experience means you will get results that produce, tailored to what people are actually searching.

4) You’ll Save Money

We broke down the aspect of saving money here.  Essentially it boils down to this.  I will offer you a hamburger for $250 that is so-so to good, or a hamburger for $60 that is good to excellent.  Which one do you chose?

5) You’ll Get More Clients

Here is the simple truth, unless you are Sriracha hot sauce which has famously stated it has not paid a single sent in advertising, you will have to advertise.  The most obvious answer is all around you: advertisements from other personal injury lawyers.  Yes, you will need to compete with them.  The easiest way to do it is not to outspend them on TV ads, bus murals, or newspaper ads, or to even beat them by paying-to-win with Google ads.  But you can get more clients and win out on other law firms by out blogging them.  This does a few things, including:

  • Increases your Google pagerank, which means you naturally raise to a higher position on Google;
  • Increases your web presence, meaning your content is more visible online;
  • Increases your authority, meaning that your content will appear stronger and Google will accept it as stronger;
  • You’ll cast a wider net to catch more clients and attorney referrals by having more varied content;
  • Your overall website health will increase, again increasing its pagerank; and
  • Many other benefits.

These are just some of the most important reasons why to hire a personal injury legal content writer.  Not to mention to hire our law firm blog writer, who was a defense lawyer for health care compliance and nursing homes, a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer, and now a court attorney appointed to the New York State Supreme Court.  These experiences give a very balanced and knowledgeable base to help draft the appropriate legal content that your law firm needs to acquire new clients.

Hire a Personal Injury Legal Content Writer That Will Help Your Law Firm

Any legal content writer can pump out content.  That is why there are so many legal content writers out there!  But many of them focus on EVERY area of law.  That is hard to do, just ask a general practitioner!  However, having a legal content writer and law firm blog writer that has handled a very specific type of law as a defense lawyer, plaintiff lawyer, and now as the court, that is simply a different type of understanding.  This will (and does) produce better content for lawyers and law firms.

Go, hire any legal content writer out there.  You can go pick the one with the best stories, the best website, or the best marketing for themselves.  Go pick one that promises instant results (it can take MONTHS to get a client from blogs, anyone that tells you otherwise is secretly paying for advertising to make them look better so you pay more or is violating Google’s SEO rules to “keyword stuff”).  

However, at the end of the day, if you want real attorney experience, a decade in the business, proven SEO knowledge, and an extensive library of topics that produce results, such as this $3.6 million case that came DIRECTLY from one of our blog posts, you should ask us for help.  Learn more about that $3.6 million case right here.  Hire a personal injury legal content writer like us for your law firm’s needs.

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