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Why Pay $250 or More When you Can Get the Same Thing for $60?  Hire a Legal Content Writer to Save At Least 80% 

Sometimes the hardest part of the practice of law is not actually the practice of law.  It is actually marketing.  Indeed, you can be the best attorney in the world but if you have no clients, you will have to pull in that shingle.  Law school does not teach marketing, and most attorneys are not good business people familiar with marketing.  Most attorneys also think that marketing is a waste of time and money, and want to rely on the ol’ days of referrals.  Attorneys in small practices also do not want to take time away from their employees’ or their billing to do a blog post.  They need to hire a legal content writer.

Times have changed.  Marketing on the internet is the way to build your practice.  Marketing is only a waste of time and money if you do not know what you are doing, which sadly most lawyers don’t know what they are doing.

This is why hiring a legal content writer for your law firm website or blog is necessary for your practice.  In fact, it can actually save you money.

For instance, if you assign your associate to write a blog for you it may take 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or even more to research, draft, and post the article or blog to your law firm’s website or legal blog.  If your associate bills $200 or more an hour, you lose out on $200 of billing.  But you are also paying your associate for that time, perhaps $50 an hour.  Your net loss for that blog post is at least $250 an hour.

It is even worse if you write your own blog post–you may bill up to $500 an hour, and you know what you are paying yourself an hour.  That could be a good $600 loss for a simple legal blog post or law firm article.

OR you could hire a legal content writer such as NAB Legal Marketing, LLC to do your blog post for $30 to $60.  

That’s right–you could spend $250 or $60 for the same thing.  Hire a legal content writer and save money NOW!

Well, it actually may not be the same thing.  Do you know what SEO is?  Do you know how to use tags and meta-descriptions? Do you know the different between “car accident lawyer” and “car accident attorney” on Google search engines?  Or why a .org is more valuable than a .com link.

Probably not–nor will your secretary or paralegal.  And you don’t want to pay for your associate to spend more than an hour to look it up.

If you or a colleague are looking to market your law firm on the internet, you need to contact NAB Legal Writing, LLC for a legal content writer who will listen to your practice needs.  All posts are drafted and edited by an Associate Law Clerk to a New York Supreme Court Justice, and large bulk orders are also edited by a second, licensed attorney.  Use the convenient and easy to complete “Contact Us” box by clicking on this link here.

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