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Personal Injury Law Firms Need the Best Legal Content Writer with Legal Experience

Personal injury law is not easy.  There are a lot of moving parts.  Cases can be made or lost at the pleading stage, especially when tight on the statute of limitations.  Depositions are another time where cases can easily be won or lost.  If the law was not nuanced enough, knowing the medicine certain is.  This is particularly true for medical malpractice lawyers who need to know the medicine better than a team of doctors and defense lawyers.  Given all of this, personal injury lawyers and law firms also need to ensure that their legal content and advertising is not complicated, crazy, or difficult.  It needs to be easy to understand and find by potential clients, which means it must be written with a full understanding of the organized chaos that is in a personal injury law firm.  This is why personal injury lawyers need to hire the best legal content writer with legal experience, actual experience.

We have been examining what makes the best legal content writer for a personal injury law firm.  There are many important attributes which must be considered.  But we narrowed down the top seven necessary traits as well as three bonus traits that a personal injury legal content writer should have to be considered the best.  These traits are the following:

  1. Over five years of law firm blog experience, preferably over ten years;
  2. Holding both a juris doctorate AND a law license;
  3. Experience with search engine optimization (SEO);
  4. Actual legal experience, bonus for plaintiff and defense work;
  5. Proven results from legal content;
  6. On time;
  7. Autonomous;
  8. Strong communication;
  9. Willing to revise or refund if revisions cannot be completed satisfactorily;
  10. Understanding medicine and anatomy.

We Have the Best Legal Content Writer with Legal Experience

best legal content writer

For this blog post, we are on the fourth point of having actual legal experience and there being a bonus for plaintiff and defense work.  Previously, we highlighted how our personal injury legal content writer Nicholas A. Battaglia has about a decade of law firm blog writing.  This entire decade has always included personal injury blog posts.  We also highlighted our how personal injury legal content writer has both a juris doctorate and law license in New York and New Jersey.  But not only does he have these credentials, but our law firm blog writer also has been appointed to the Committee on Character and Fitness which assesses bar applicants to determine whether they have the requisite morals and fitness to practice law in New York.  Finally, we explained how our legal blog writer has over a decade of SEO experience as well.

Now let’s look at our best legal content writer with legal experience in terms of actual legal experience.

Our Personal Injury Legal Content Writer Has Actual Law Experience

As we noted in our opening, practicing law is difficult!  This is particularly true in a personal injury law firm.  Lawyers need to have a full understanding of their state’s decisional law, statutory law, regulatory law, local law, and then also be aware of other guidelines, regulations, and rules which may also apply.  This includes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for commercial trucking accidents.

There are also many moving parts in a personal injury action.  Our personal injury lawyer has experience handling nearly every facet of a personal injury case, including the following:

  • Initial client conferences;
  • Pre-action discovery;
  • Drafting initiatory pleadings;
  • Drafting settlement demands;
  • Drafting responsible pleadings;
  • Drafting disclosure demands and responses;
  • Going to preliminary conferences with the Court;
  • Handling pre-note of issue motions, including to amend, dismiss, preclude, compel, and similar motions;
  • Preparing, defending, and conducting depositions in medical malpractice, slip and fall, trip and fall, auto accident, and trucking accident cases;
  • Handling post-deposition discovery;
  • Filing the note of issue/certificate of readiness (telling the Judge we are ready to go to trial);
  • Meeting with experts and drafting expert responses and expert demands on the other party;
  • Filing post-note of issue motions, including for summary judgment, precluding an expert, to amend, to strike an affirmative defense, and similar motions;
  • Defending post-note of issue motions, including summary judgment and motions to compel or preclude;
  • Orally arguing motions;
  • Going to settlement conferences with a judge;
  • Conducting pre-trial preparation, including jury verdict sheets, jury instructions, and motions in limine;
  • Preparing for trial and to conduct the trial (not trials though, all settled on or before first day!);
  • Voir dire of potential jurors;
  • Arguing appeals, concluding perfecting the appeal (our legal content writer won this case at the second-highest court in the State of New York!);
  • Docketing a judgment and collecting; and
  • Many other facets of personal injury cases.

Our Personal Injury Legal Content Writer Has Done This on the Defense Side and Plaintiff’s Side

We are not like other personal injury legal content writers, which is why we are the best legal content writer with legal experience.  Our law firm blog writer started off handling defense matters for nursing homes, including compliance issues.  There was also some defense litigation work, including trials.  Our legal content writer then became a New York plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer who handled all facets of personal injury cases.  This included arguing cases on appellate records and settling six-figure cases.

Having both plaintiff and defense experience, actual legal practice experience, is incredibly important.  This allows law firm blogs to stay centered and gives a full perspective. You do not want law firm blogs that say things such as “you will be able to recover damages for lost wages.”  The word “will” is a very strong and promising word.  Ethically, if you do not win lost wages, you could face the grievance committee for making promises to a client.  Having some defense experience will allow your legal content writer to use more appropriate word choices because your writer can see the defense perspective.  This is why a phrase such as “you may be able to recover damages for lost wages” is must better than you “will.”

The best legal content writer will have both defense and plaintiff experience, which is what we absolutely have with our personal injury legal content writer.

BONUS: Our Legal Content Writer has Chambers’ Experience!

But wait, we have a super bonus here.  Mr. Battaglia is our personal injury legal content writer.  He has experience both with plaintiff and defense, but he is also appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as court attorney to a New York State Supreme Court Justice.  This is huge experience that, quite frankly, no other legal content writer or legal marketing company can say.  Or at least we have not found one with this type of experience.

On the court at the judge’s court attorney (also known as law clerk), Mr. Battaglia has assisted in drafting decisions which will remain part of New York jurisprudence forever.  He has settled seven-figure cases in settlement conference and holds court conferences for the Judge.  This experience is unique to any other legal content writing company.  This is why we have the best legal content writer with legal experience to draft your blog posts.

Why Legal Experience is Critical for Your Law Firm Blog

So now that you know that legal experience is something our personal injury legal content writer absolutely has, why is it important?  Simple.  The best legal content writer needs to know what it really is like to practice law.  This is especially true for personal injury cases.  With actual legal experience, your legal content writer knows what types of cases pay the most and should be focused on.  This is why our legal content writer spends more time drafting traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury blog posts than cervical strains or sprains.  Actually, we almost never take your money to advertise for cervical strains or sprains—they are not worth it!

Having a legal content writer with actual law firm experience also helps break down statutes and how they are applied by judges and courts.  This is important because that takes legalese and translates it into something that clients can understand.  By doing this, our legal content writer can connect with clients to ensure your content is informative and helpful—what Google wants to see in website content.

We are the Best Legal Content Writer With Legal Experience

We would be hard pressed to find any other legal content writer or marketing firm with a better resume than our personal injury legal content writer.  If you can find one, let us know!  But we have looked, and we simply do not see something with our credentials.  And if they are really out there, then we are sorry to say that they do not know how to market themselves on search engines with SEO because we couldn’t find them.  This is another important attribute that our legal content writer has a decade of experience with.

If you need a legal content writer, especially a medical malpractice legal content writer, please ask how we can help your law firm today by hiring our business to help.

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