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If you are an auto accident lawyer you may be asking yourself why to hire an auto accident legal content writer.  This is a fair question.  After all, as an auto accident lawyer you should be well-versed in both the law of medicine surrounding auto accidents.  You do this for a living.  It should come second nature.  So why auto accident blogs by a legal content writer? 

Simple: You are a lawyer, not an auto accident legal content writer, marketer, or SEO professional.  You do not know the difference between a tag and a slug and a category.  You still think a meta-description is a type of butterfly categorization scale.  And right now you cannot think of four blog posts off the top of your head on auto accidents, even though you have spent all day practicing law.

Yes, law firm marketing on the internet is more difficult than most lawyers realize.  That is why most lawyers FAIL at online marketing. Even some of the most prolific writers till fail at marketing on the internet.  That is because most lawyers just do not know how to write legal content for law firm blogs.  So that is a good starting reason why auto accident blogs by a legal content writer.

But there is a pretty big reason why you need to hire an auto accident lawyer for your law firm blog.

You Do Not Know What Search Engine Optimization Is or How It Works

Auto Accident Blogs by a Legal Content Writer

The most obvious and important reason why you need to hire a legal content writer is not because you cannot write law or legal blogs.  No, the most important reason is because you cannot write for machines.  That is, you cannot write for Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines.  These search engines use special and elaborate algorithms to match webpages and searchers.  Even if you have the best content out there, if you cannot translate what your webpage is about is a machine can understand it, another human being will never see it.  Consider it lost in translation.  That is why you must understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it works.

To match your content with a prospective client, you need to have three basic types of SEO.  There is content SEO or on page SEO, there is behind-the-scenes or off-page SEO, and then there is off-webpage SEO.  

Content SEO for Auto Accident Lawyers

Content SEO is what personal injury lawyers and auto accident lawyers need to focus on.  This is because prospective clients are going to be looking for lawyers and the way most people shop around is browsing.  But since lawyers do not stand around in strip malls (unless the parking lot is icy), most injured victims are going to browser the internet and compare lawyers.  This means going between websites and assessing which website and lawyer or law firm the customers likes the best.  

In addition, content SEO is important for personal injury lawyers in general.  Some people do not know they actually have a case when they do.  This is because some people are afraid that they were injured by mistakes they caused such as slipped and falling or auto accidents.  That is why content SEO needs to also tie into great content.  Law firm websites and lawyers need to attract clients, share the law, and apply it to different fact patterns to show prospective clients how the lawyer could help them.  These law firm blogs and auto accident blogs should also identify a problem to a prospective client, provide a solution, and then show the client how the lawyer can solve it. 

Content SEO means also using certain types of on-page terms and connectors in the blog post or webpage.  This means using geographic locations like the city, state, or general area where the law firm is practicing.  Sometimes using key landmarks like interstates, hospitals, and other big ticket places like stadiums, museums, or government buildings also helps.  These locations help Google and other search engines identify your content as relevant to where the person searching is located.

Technical SEO for Auto Accident Blogs

So content SEO is on the page and what the end-user (the prospective client) sees.  But technical SEO is what is behind the scenes and not visible to clients.  Or at least not usually visible.  That is why it is also known as off-page SEO.  There are generally two parts of technical SEO or off-page SEO.

The first part is related to the website and the blog itself.  This is the website speed, that it is mobile-friendly, indexable, not hidden text, photos, secured, crawlable by search engine bots, and otherwise in good health.  

The second part is related to the specific pages.  This includes using tags, categories, slugs, meta-descriptions, and other behind-the-scenes SEO to support your content.  While some people consider this to be part of content SEO, we disagree because it is extra, behind the scene work that is done off-page.  It is also something that not all interfaces have be default.  This means that lawyers and law firms need to ensure they have an interface or plugins with this type of SEO.

Off-Webpage SEO for Auto Accident Websites

This is different than them all.  This type of SEO relates to how other websites and pages assess your pages, blogs, and website overall.  The most important mechanism here are backlinks.  Backlinks are links to your website and to your content specifically.  This does include social media links, but those are not worth a lot because most of the time you can do that a lot.  The higher quality backlinks are the harder ones to get.  This includes .edu, .org, and .gov links.  Other important links and citations are other large and powerful websites that are authoritative in your field.

For instance, a recipe website would do well if a local government Department of Health (a .gov) referenced the recipe website as nutritious.  Although a recipe website could do better if Culinary Institute of American (a .edu) linked to some of the pages.  But a recipe website could do the best if a blog from a celebrity chef on Food Network linked to it (a .com).  

With law, using websites that relate to drafting content, reviewing lawyers, or otherwise assessing and discuss certain types of lawsuits, cases, or injuries could all help.  Auto accident lawyers need to be aggressive in their search for content.

Now Your Know Why You Need Auto Accident Blogs by a Legal Content Writer

A personal injury legal content writer is important for all personal injury law firms.  Yes, you know the law of auto accidents well.  But you may not know SEO like we do after a decade of experience in legal marketing on the internet!  

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