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Of all law firm types, it may be the most important for a plaintiff’s personal injury law firms to use the internet to solicit business.  Not only are injured people using the internet to learn more about their injuries for medical reasons–known as the Web MD effect–they are also using the internet to learn about their rights and how–and who–can help protect them.  By understanding this simple concept, plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys can position themselves to be within the key-words searched by these injured people by providing this information.

One of the best ways to accomplish this task is through regular legal blog posts and legal articles, posted directly to the law firm’s website.  Each personal injury legal blog post can be unique to a certain type of issue.  For instance, each blog post can broadly be about premises liability matters, car accident cases, medical malpractice claims, or product liability issues.  These types of posts can define the general area and provide a useful starting point for injured people to self-narrow their issues and what they are focusing for.  A firm can then provide links to more specific areas of law to help injured people better find what they are specifically looking for such as truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, or bicycle crashes.

However, it is important to understand that the information must be 1) easy to find and 2) easy to understand.  Concepts need to be direct and to the point.  Legalese may impress fellow attorneys and judges, but it will not help an injured person understand what his or her rights are and how they need to be protected.  Providing a breadcrumb trail of links will eventually result in the visitor hitting the “Back” button to go to the next applicable link on the search bar looking for easier to find and understand information.

Using Narrow Topics to Expand Web Presence: A Must for Personal Injury Law Firms

This is why personal injury legal blog posts need to specifically address narrow issues more than they address general ones.  By all means, a competent legal website must have general posts, articles, and practice area pages.  But an exceptional legal website must have narrow blog posts answering a question for the injured person, or at least demonstrating that the law firm can help.  Thus, drafting articles such as “New York City Car Accidents Caused by Sun Glare” or “New York City Slip and Fall on Ice from Dripping Roof” are more likely to entice a searcher to click on the link in a search bar than “New York City Car Accidents” or “New York City Premises Liability Cases” because these general posts are not the specific issue the injured person is looking for.  Moreover, these specific titles are also more likely to come up when being searched for too!

Within the personal injury legal blog post, a quick answer must be given in the top third of the post–preferably the first paragraph.  The answer must be simple, straightforward, and helpful.  Long-winded, run-on, or confusing sentences will turn off the visitor and cause him or her to hit the “Back” button to try again.  Even general statements which are educational can keep a visitor interested to continue reading, but a straight-forward answer is always best followed by a general response–not the other way around.  Using legalese in the top third, even the top half, of a personal injury legal blog post will turn the reader off your website and back to the search list.  Readers simply do not care about court decisions and sections of law.

Here at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, we use these principles to help expand a personal injury law firm’s web presence.  We provide legal content writing services to help lay the foundation with general personal injury legal blog posts, and then layer on more specific and narrow topics which address specific legal issues injured people may be searching.  The goal is to have the exact title that the injured person is searching for.  We also understand New York personal injury cases, as our founder and managing member is a practicing personal injury litigator handling primarily slip and falls, car accidents, medical/dental malpractice, and related personal injury claims.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, use our convenient contact form at the bottom of the page or by clicking “Contact” at the top right of the screen.

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