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Save Money with a Legal Blog Writer: Proven Math

You do not get one-third of your marketing back if you win a case. Any time devoted into marketing for a personal injury lawyer is simply the cost of doing business. And marketing is a necessary cost of doing business. The most successful personal injury lawyers are the ones with prolific marketing. This marketing includes TV ads, newspapers, on buses, and of course on the internet. In fact, a legal blog writer might be the most important component of any personal injury law firm marketing plan. Because even if a prospective client finds a lawyer’s ad on TV or across a bus, that prospective client is most likely going to look up the law firm and lawyers online. And you can save money with a legal blog writer too!

This is why having an updated, educational, and overall solid website is essential. Prospective clients want to best care for them, especially if they have been seriously injured by another person’s negligence. If a website is updated or has misinformation, or if the content is simply not helpful, the prospective client will just go to the next personal injury lawyer that does have their website in order.

This is why Personal Injury Lawyers Need a Legal Content Writer

Personal injury law is hard enough. You need to know the medicine and the law very well. Liability can also be complicated. This is especially true in engineering cases. Personal injury lawyers need to know a lot about everything. This makes learning search engine optimization (SEO) even more complicated. It can also be unnecessary. There simply isn’t enough time to worry about handling all of these types of protect and nuances. This is particularly true because Google constantly changes and updates its algorithms. It just makes it that much harder for a lawyer.

personal injury legal content writer SEO for lawyers save money with a legal blog writer

Some of the most important reasons for a Personal Injury Lawyer to Hire a Legal Content Writer include:

  1. Most legal content writers have written more personal injury blogs than lawyers writing personal injury documents. How many motions, appeals, pleadings, and other documents do you think you can draft in a day? Or week? Month? Our personal injury Legal Content Writer at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC drafts normally over 15 personal injury blogs a week. Not only is this a significant amount of writing, but that is also 15 different topics that our Legal Content Writer and team know helps land clients, is what injured folks are searching for, and can get you other attorney referrals. Can you think of 15 different topics this week? Okay you can–so how about 60 in a month?!
  2. Search Engine Optimization is not written in legalese. Let’s face it, even if you can write the best legal blogs and legal content for your personal injury lawyer website that does not guarantee new clients–this is not baseball, if you build it they will not necessarily come. You need to speak the language to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This language is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. A Legal Content Wrier uses SEO and personal injury topics to both 1) give the search engine what terms it needs, and 2) give the prospective clients the search terms they use. This combination translates into search engine results for the clients that you want.
  3. You’ll make more money by saving time. Okay so here is the bad news, a Legal Content Writer is not free. Shocking. But did you know that a legal blog writer will save you money? YES, you can save money with a legal blog writer. Why? Just look at this plaintiff’s personal injury scenarios:

SCENARIO 1: You pay your youngest, cheapest associate (usually the one getting stuck doing the blogs!) about $37 an hour (48 weeks [4 weeks vacation subtracted] x 40 hours a week which is 1920 hours, then divide $70k a year by 1920). It may take that associate 1.5 hours to do a decent blog and post it, or about $56 worth of his/her time. That is with no training or experience withe SEO, and good luck with that new associate getting 60 topics a month. BUT a Legal Content Writer could do the blog post, fresh and proven topics, AND cost between $50 for the same content!

That scenario you would be saving MONEY and CONTENT–remember, the content drafter by a Legal Content Writer who drafts more than a thousand personal injury blog posts a year will be substantially better than your youngest associate. OH–and our Legal Content Writer is a former defense nursing home/health care lawyer (two years practicing), plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer (two years practicing), AND NOW A COURT ATTORNEY APPOINTED TO THE NEW YORK STATE SUPREME COURT TO A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. Sorry to your youngest associate, but he or she is not going to be as balanced or achieved as our Legal Content Writer. Yes, this is an easy solution how a legal content writer can save you money.

BUT WAIT–you don’t use your youngest associate? You are a solo or small firm and you do the blogs yourself? Here is a scarier scenario:

SCENARIO 2: You pay yourself $78 an hour ($150k a year by 1920 [hours in a year based on 48 weeks and 40 hour weeks]). It took you 1.5 hours to go the blog, or $117 of your time. You don’t know SEO and you aren’t sure how many topics you can come up with. You’ve never heard of a “meta-description” and you don’t know the different between “tags” and “categories.” A Legal Content Writer knows all of this can would only charge you $50 a post.

YIKES. You need a legal content writer. Hopefully you only work 40 hours weeks and give yourself four weeks of vacation. If you work longer than 40 weeks and take less vacation, you likely paid well over $117 for your blog post. You can definitely save money with a legal blog writer.

SCENARIO 3: You have billable hours. You bill a modest $200 an hour. It takes you 1.5 hours to do the blog which you could have billed $300 for to a client. The Legal Content Writer would have charged you $50 for the same content. You lost out on $250, or if you wanted one blog post every weekday you lost out on $1,250 in just one week. In a month that is about two mortgage payments of billables lost to write blogs, and you aren’t sure you are doing it correctly. The cost for the blog writer? $250–which you make back in just over an hour of billables. Wait–you bill more than $200 an hour? This scenario just got worse and the legal content writer cheaper.

Get Help from Us Today

Ask our Legal Content Writer how we can help your personal injury law firm and your personal injury lawyers today! These scenarios just hurt you and your practice, and you may be hurting your chancing of obtaining new clients with poor content. Contact us to learn more how we can help you right now. Hiring us can save you money by hiring a legal blog writer.

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