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Guerrilla Warfare for Trucking Accident Lawyers: How to Use Organic Search Engine Results For Trucking Accident Lawyers to Steal Other Lawyer’s TV Commercial’s Work

Organic search engine results for trucking accident lawyers are a must to grow your personal injury practice.  This is because trucking accident cases are extremely competitive.  They are very hard cases to get.  But boy, if you land a trucking accident case you are likely to collect big given 1) multiple ways to proof liability through state VTL, FMCSA regulations, and decisional law, 2) damages are almost always massive, especially interstate trucking accidents, and 3) most jurors dislike or hate large trucks.  Thus, marketing towards trucking accident cases should be the focus of any personal injury lawyer, especially an auto accident lawyer.  Even though most personal injury lawyers are good writers, it is still imperative for personal injury law firms to hire a trucking accident legal content writer.

Why Hire a Trucking Accident Legal Content Writer?

You need a trucking accident legal content writer because, most likely, you are not going to outspend the law firms and groups of law firms that pool money to spend thousand and sometimes millions of dollars each month on television commercials.  Most lawyers, especially solo lawyers and small law firms, cannot even compete with a medium-sized personal injury firm marketing for trucking accidents and auto accidents.  When it comes to large firms or pools of large firms, there is no contest.  This is particularly true when large groups of law firms each pool thousands of dollars together to advertise on TV to be a part of a wheeling system for new cases.

But you can still steal cases that those firms might have otherwise received through strong internet marketing with the legal of a trucking accident legal content writer.  In fact, many times you may even be able to poise as those big TV advertising groups to nab those potential cases.

Guerrilla Tactics: Statistics Prove the Internet is Crucial for Trucking Accident Lawyers in Ways TV Commercials Will Never Be

Even though these law firms are spending thousands and even millions of dollars on advertising for trucking accidents in your state and throughout the Untied States, for a fraction of the cost you can steal some of these cases.  This is because, notwithstanding the fact that TV commercials are effective (if you have endless money to shell into it), according to statistics complied by the National Law Review, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine and 63% of those legal searches are NON-BRANDED.  

Non-branded means searches such as “Los Angeles trucking accident lawyer” or “Texas trucking accident lawyer” occur two-thirds of the time.  This demonstrates that prospective clients are NOT searching the name of the law firm they saw on the TV ads that cost millions of dollars.  That is huge because you can really swipe some of those cases by getting to the top of Google ORGANICALLY.  

How to Get to the Top of Google Search Results as a Trucking Accident Lawyer

The best way to get to the top of Google search results is: paying for Google ads.  Yes, so you can fight fire with fire essentially and pay for Google ads to counter paid TV commercials.  You’ll pay less for Google ads than a TV commercial.  Google ads will be broadcast to a smaller group of people than a TV commercial.  But Google ads will have a higher conversion rate because they will only come up with people searching trucking accident lawyers.  All you have to do is spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on Google ads each month.

Or, you can hire a trucking accident legal content writer and start to earn Organic results.

What are Organic Search Results?

Organic search results are the results that you obtain naturally through search engines.  This is the opposite of having paid search results, which are when you pay for advertising and automatically appear at the top of the search results for related links.

Thus, organic search results are about merit.  They are about the strength of your website and its content.  Organic search results are definitely better than paid search results for several reasons.  The reasons why organic search results are better for personal injury lawyers and trucking accident lawyers includes the following:

  • Organic search results continue to produce long after they are made (and paid for if you hire a trucking accident legal content writer);
  • Organic search results consistently come up on search engines for a variety of related keywords, not just for a few paid terms;
  • Organic search results give your website authority because your website will continue to be a leader in all related searched, not just for a few narrow terms;
  • Organic search results emphasis on content, which is what you need to land clients; and
  • Other important benefits.

How a Trucking Accident Legal Content Writer Can Get You Organic Search Engine Results for Trucking Accident Lawyers

legal content writer

Organic search results are about having relevant content to what people are searching.  The content most also be authoritative, helpful, and thorough.  This is great, because law firm websites need to have that information to educate and attract new clients.  When a prospective client is searching Google and lands on authoritative legal blogs and law firm pages, that client is simply going to be more likely to hire that law firm.  We would say that organic search engine results for trucking accident lawyers is actually a necessary part of being a personal injury lawyer and advertising on the internet.

Using Organic Search Results to Steal Away Clients from Lawyers on TV Commercials

Now, you cannot poise or pretend that you advertised on TV or claim the TV commercials are yours.  Not only is that unethical as a lawyer, but possibly illegal.  But what you can do is out muscle those law firms that are advertising on TV by having a better website.  You can do this by going to their website and seeing how many blogs they are posting, how long, what frequency, and what topics.  You can then do MORE than they are, longer, and more frequently than they are posting.  This will help you increase your content search engine optimization and have better organic results on search engines.

Remember, most searches NON-BRANDED.  Meaning potential clients who see TV commercials for “Smith Trucking Accident Lawyers” are not searching that in search engines.  They are searching “Philadelphia trucking accident lawyers” or “Jacksonville trucking accident lawyers.”  The potential clients are not looking for those specifically law firms in about two-thirds of all internet searches.  That is huge!

Unless You Know What SEO, Tags, Slugs, Meta-Descriptions, and Categories Are, Ask Our Trucking Accident Legal Content Writer for Help

One of the main reasons why most personal injury lawyers think they can do blogs is because most lawyers write a lot.  Most lawyers also think they know more than most legal content writers too.  And most of the time, they probably do.  But here is the truth.  At NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, our founder and managing member is also a lawyer.  He drafts all personal injury blogs including all auto accident legal content and trucking accident legal content.  In fact, he worked defense, then was a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer, and is now appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as a court attorney to a Supreme Court Justice.

So yes, you may know the law—but so do we as being on the defense, plaintiff, and now in chambers.

But we also know SEO.  We have been in business for eight years and our founder has been drafting legal content for over a decade.  If we were not successful we would not still be here in this cut-throat environment that is known as law.  We can get organic search engine results for trucking accident lawyers.

So the best way to get your organic search results is to either practice for a decade or and learn about SEO, or hire a trucking accident legal content writer to help your personal injury law firm get better organic search results.

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