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There are many reasons to have a legal blog.  Most bloggers write about their experiences and shares stories with friends, family, and co-workers.  Bloggers also share their knowledge and skill on the internet teaching readers how to do certain tasks, such as cooking or crafts.  In fact, there are many blogs that are devoted to certain themes, such as cooking, sports, and medicine.

More and more blogs are also being devoted to law.  The coined buzzword that has developed is a “blawg.”  Just how other bloggers are writing to share stories, experience, knowledge, and skill on their blogs, lawyers should also share these same four attributes.  Whether you are a large firm, solo attorney, in-house counsel, seasoned attorney, or just starting your legal career, every attorney should have a legal blog.

Why?  Here are three reasons to have a legal blog:

1: Obtaining New Clients

The days of solely advertising on television, radio, or in print are over.  People no longer rely on just these mediums to make a purchase on whim.  Even if a prospective client sees an attorney’s advertisement in one of these mediums, a prospective client will still search the internet for that attorney’s credentials to ensure he or she is making a good purchase.  Having an online presence will help prospective clients find you, but also demonstrate your ability, share experiences where you were successful, and present your knowledge how you can help.

2: Demonstrate you are an Industry Leader

Maintaining a well-written website and legal blog will demonstrate your subject matter knowledge within your field.  Your legal website and legal blog are reflections on your ability and professionalism.  Each website page or legal blog post you publish online adds another way for prospective clients to find you.  The more quality content you post, the more pages you will place into the online marketplace.  The goal would be to establish many website pages and legal blog posts so that a wide-variety of searches will return back to your website.  When prospective clients search for you, or referring attorneys, having hundreds of legal articles and blog posts published online will demonstrate your ability and affluence in your area of law, as opposed to your competitors who may only have a standard website.

3: Increasing Website Traffic

Another important reason why to have a legal blog is to help push searches to your law firm’s website.  You can do this by having a diverse set of legal blog posts on a variety of issues, all which ultimately redirect to your website in the “call to action.”  The reason why this works is you will have established a keyword in each legal blog post; this is the main crux of your legal blog post.  When prospective clients search for this keyword, it will come up more readily in search engine hits than if you had just contained it in a regular website page or blog post but did not designate it as a keyword.  Essentially, this is search engine optimization 101, and it is a very important component in growing your online business.

Here at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, we understand the importance of online marketing for lawyers.  There are many more reasons to have a legal blog than those noted above, but these are three important points many attorneys overlook.  We can help develop your law firm’s website and legal blog to ensure your web presence expands to help you gain new clients through search engine hits or referrals, to help demonstrate you as an industry leader, and to help increase your website traffic. We do more than just draft legal blog posts, including social media advertising, drafting practice area pages, and designing entire legal websites.

Contact us today to learn more how we can do this for your law firm by using the convenient contact form at the bottom of this page or on the “Contact” page, or by sending an e-mail to inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com

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