Law Firm Website Design For America’s Law Firms

Depositphotos_13627249_lWe create clean, effective, and useful legal websites for law firms to help branch out and reach new clients.  Unlike other website designers, we offer affordable services with plans ranging from the essentials needed to hang your internet shingle, to more complex websites to outperform seasoned professionals.  The websites we design are geared toward law firms and attorneys with a clean and authoritative tone.

We offer two options with you website based on your needs:

  • Purchase Legal Website – This is a one-time fee for us to create a domain, work with a webhost, upload pictures, and to design your law firm website based on a pre-construction consultation.  Your law firm website design is important to us and is completed to your satisfaction.  At the conclusion of the design, we will turn over the login information and instructions to you.  We will then cease to provide further services unless otherwise agreed to (i.e., blog writing service).
    • There is a small down payment for start-up/overhead fees, and the balance is due upon completion of the website based on your satisfaction.
    • You will be responsible for the monthly webhosting fees thereafter.
  • Rent Your Website From Us – There is one affordable fee upfront creation fee to construct your legal website and a monthly rental fee thereafter due on the first of the month.  We will provide you with the login information, but we will continue to work with the webhost and monitor visitor traffic, ensure plugins and theme templates are up-to-date, and continue to tweak content SEO as needed.  We will also troubleshoot any problems that arise and work with the webhost to fix them.  When you are satisfied with the law firm website design, we will launch the website and the monthly rental rate applies.
    • If you retain us to work on your legal blog, the monthly fee entitles you to free uploading, optimization, and posting of all blogs (this is normally a separate charge).
    • There is a small down payment for start-up/overhead fees, the balance of the creation cost is due upon completion of the website, and the first monthly payment is due on the 1st following the first full month.
    • The minimum rental contract is one (1) year at $65 a month.  There is also a (2) year contract for $60 a month and a three (3) year contract for $55 a month.  There is an early termination fee of $250.
    • We will also cover the webhosting fees thereafter.

Whether you are purchasing or renting, you will need to pay for the legal content to add to the website separately.  This is offered at a discounted rate if you are having us create your website.

Costs for Website Creation

SMALL WEBSITE (less than 10 pages)

Purchase: $2,000 – $3,000; down payment is $500

Rent: $1,000; down payment is $300

MEDIUM WEBSITE (between 11-25 pages)

Purchase: $3,000 – $5,000; down payment is $600

Rent: $2,000; down payment is $400

LARGE WEBSITE (between 26 and 50 pages)

Purchase: $5,000 – $9,000; down payment is $800

Rent: $3,500; down payment is $500

ULTRA WEBSITE (over 50 pages)

Purchase: request quote; likely $10,000 or more

Rent: request quote; likely over $5,000 and will require +$20 per monthly fee

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)We do not do website SEO ourselves.  This is time-consuming and is a niche field.  We do optimize content for search engines, and we do employ content SEO principles.  However, a significant amount of SEO occurs behind the scenes in your website’s coding, indexing, and other settings.  As such, SEO is extremely expensive and is not always right for all firms.

We do offer a service to work with an SEO providers and to maximize your website’s web presence.  We offer two basic types:

  • Initial NAB Boost – When we create your website, we will work with an SEO provider who will optimize your website right out of the gate for you for a one-time fee.  Please request a quote, but this typically costs between $800 – $1,250.
  • Monthly Maintenance – This is a continued presence by the SEO provider each month to do tuneups and keep with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.  Please request a quote, but this typically costs between $500 and $2,000 a month.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information.

For inquiries into our services or to retain us, please send an email to

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