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A legal content writer is the MVP of your law firm that you do not know about yet. Your law firm website is a very important part of your legal practice. Unfortunately, many law firms and lawyers neglect law firm websites much like they neglect discovery pleadings or medical record authorization requests. But if a lawyer and law firm is not marketing and increasing its web presence, eventually a lawyer or law firm will have no more clients.

This is why it is important to hire a legal content writer for your law firm. This is especially true for personal injury law firms that handle auto accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, trucking accidents, and other personal injury accidents. The reason for a legal content writer is to help improve a law firm’s visibility on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Why is it Important to Hire a Legal Content Writer to Get Your Law Firm on the First Page of Google?

Hiring a legal content writer and law firm blog writer is important for several reasons. This includes the following:

  • To improve your website visibility on Google searches.
  • Generate more leads to your website.
  • Increase engagement with your law firm services, especially if you market on TV, newspapers, radio, or other mediums. Most prospective clients research and check for recommends and reviews, and having a solid website is important to check-out in a positive light!
  • Increase website traffic, which will increase visibility, generate more leads, and increase engagement.
  • Build your audience of prospective clients, but also referring attorneys.

Legal Content Writer Can NAB You More Clients: Hire a Legal Content Writer

Yes, a law firm or lawyer could just ask a paralegal or the youngest attorney to draft law firm blogs and legal content. However, that misses the point. First, having experience in drafting legal content and law firm blogs is important. Knowing what to write about and what people are searching for is just as important as using the right fishing bait; if you use the wrong fishing bait, no fish for you!

Second, while your young associate or paralegal may know the law, it is unlikely that he or she knows enough law for all topics. Our legal content writer and law blog writer is a former personal injury lawyer, presently appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as a court attorney, and has drafted THOUSANDS of legal blogs and law firm website pages.

Third, your young associate or paralegal may not know what SEO stands for, let alone how search engine optimization actually can help increase a law firm’s Google page rank and website ranking.

Fourth, a legal content writer and law firm blog writer is simply cheaper and less expensive than your associate or even your paralegal. Some content could be as law as $20 (for 200 word blog posts). That is amazing considering it come with meta descriptions, tags, categories, and other important behind-the-scenes optimization.

So keep your paralegal and young associate doing law, and have our legal content writer and blog writer do your law firm a favor with personal injury blogs.

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