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While a legal blog is no substitute for a substantial law firm website, your legal blog is an essential tool to increase the visibility of your law firm website.  In fact, blog websites are primed to create traffic flow to the individual posts much faster than a regular website is to create traffic to individual pages.  Further, the way search engines rank and categorize websites favors a blog format over a more static website.

Thus, good internet legal marketing will take advantage of having a legal blog “feed” traffic into your law firm website.  There are simple techniques that you can use to accomplish this goal.

Choosing Content Wisely

Use news headlines, events, and trends to determine what you should write legal blog posts about.  This is not limited to just legal issues, but also scan for general issues or issues that may be one-step removed from legal issues.  For instance, a medical malpractice blog will benefit from having a post discuss a new medical breakthrough because that can affect the standard of care a health care provider may need to follow in the future.  Taking a controversial position or a position that can generate a headline opposite to what the mainstream news, blogs, and other media sources present can also help enhance traffic to your legal blog.

Organizing Content in an Easy-to-use Structure

Using tags, categories, search bars, and pages to help organize your legal blog posts can help search engines find them better when individuals search them online.  But this is important to not only attract new clients to you legal blog and ultimately your legal website, but also help keep visitors on your website.  For instance, if a visitor clicks a blog post regarding motor vehicle accidents, having other visible and applicable categories such as “no-fault insurance,” “car accidents,” “T-bone accidents,” and other similar posts may be more specific to what the visitor is looking for and cause him or her to go to an additional legal blog post.  This, in turn, increases the likelihood they will navigate to your website and retain your services.  Further, each click is registered as a “vote” to Google about your website to increase its visibility.

Using Links to Improve your Legal Website

Once you have drafted legal blog posts, embedding those legal blog posts with links to your more authoritative legal website will do a few things.  First, it tells Google again to mark another “vote” for your website.  Second, it eases a visitor’s transition from your legal blog to your legal website.  Third, it provides additional content, links, and terms for a searcher to stumble across in searches.

Creating Friendly URLs

We have all have the misfortune of citing to, having to write down, or attempting to remember websites with slews of random numbers, symbols, and letters.  It should be no surprise that these random URLs are also difficult for search engines, such as Google, to use as well.  In addition, you lose terms that a visitor may search for if you website is merely a random combination of figures.  This includes page ids which some blogs are set up to dispute by default.  Thus, a website with URLs containing words and labels will generate more traffic and receive more search engine hits than one without.  For instance, take www.NABLegalMarketing.com/LegalContentWriter versus www.NABLegalMarketing.com/97823lk39_228jf versus www.NABLegalMarketing.com/page_id838.

Fresh and New Content

Search engines look for legal blogs and legal websites which have fresh content on a regular basis and content which is different (not repetitive) of other websites.  This, regularly updating your legal blog is essential to increasing your search engine optimization.

As discussed, using your legal blog to funnel visitors to your legal website will result in more clients and better search engine rankings which will, in turn, generate more clients.  But as practicing attorneys, doing so can be difficult if not impossible.  Thus, hiring a legal content writer such as NAB Legal Marketing, LLC can be a successful way to fulfill these goals.  If you are interested in learning more how a legal content writer and help you and your law firm, contact us today at inquiries@nablegalmarketing.com.

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