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Hiring a Legal Content Writer for $30-$60 a Blog Post is Cheaper than Assigning Your Associate Who Bills Clients at $200 an Hour

The practice of law is expensive–we know that.  Some experts require two or three thousand dollars just for them to review your case and decide whether or not they will assist you–just to charge you more money.  Legal research is also expensive, each decision you click on to read could cost you fifty dollars just for you to learn it did not contain any facts–merely just a holding.  Every time the copier breaks down you also owe an additional hundred dollars for them to fix it and charge you for parts, inevitably another few hundred dollars.

But hiring a legal content writer for your firm is not expensive.  In fact, it will save you money as opposed to doing it in-house.  Particularly at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, our legal content writing service is designed to be affordable and assist smaller and mid-size firms compete with the large marketing departments and budget of a larger firm.  All of our blog posts are under $60, with most being $35 or less!  While the cost may add up by the end of the month if you post daily or multiple times per week, the cost to pay a legal content writer is cheaperthan assigning one of your law firm’s staff members.

For example, a 450 word legal blog post may take between 30 and 60 minutes to draft (and sometimes research and draft).  By hiring a legal content writer like NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, it will cost you approximately $30 for one of our licensed attorneys to research and draft a blog post for your firm, and then a second licensed attorney will edit, check for accuracy, and submit the legal blog post to your firm.  However, if you assign it to an associate, the blog post will cost you the associate’s billable hour rate.  Thus, if you bill that associate at $100, $200, $300 or more an hour, you could be paying from $50 to $300 for the same legal blog post that would have cost you $30!  If you assign that blog post to a principle, well, the cost of the principle’s billable hours are significantly more than an associate’s which could mean your legal blog post costs you $500, $600, or more an hour.

Most importantly, do your associates and principles know what SEO is?  Or how it can help your firm’s online marketing?  Probably not.  But we do!

Why not just assign it to a paralegal or law clerk?  The same reason why a doctor does not assign surgery to a medical student.  Legal blog posts are a sample of your law firm’s work and ability, everything must be professional, accurate, and compelling.  Attorneys mustwrite the content.

Here at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, currently all of our writers are licensed attorneys.  Each blog post is read, checked for accuracy, and edited by another attorney before being forwarded to you or posted on your website.  Thus, hiring a legal content writer will save your law firm time and money.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us using the convenient Contact and form submission box, or e-mail us directly at inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.  Ask for a FREE sample blog post tailored directly to your firm’s needs!

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