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As legal content writers, we are always willing to take request from clients regarding services we may provide.  Back in August, we had received a request seeking a legal blog start-up kit which comprised of a group of blog posts to help populate a legal blog before launching it publicly.  We gladly obliged and provided the content as requested.

A few weeks later, another client asked us to advise them regarding a blog start-up kit; this time significantly more detailed and with more content.  It became apparent this was going to be a common and important service we can provide to our clients.

Internally, we devised a marketing strategy for new legal blogs regarding what content should be included and what purposes the posts should have.  We wanted to make sure there was sufficient search engine optimization (“SEO”) on the main practice areas to attract prospective clients, but we also wanted to ensure the more narrow issues were accounted for–even to those just generally visiting the blog.  In addition, we wanted to make sure the law firm’s largest practice area was more specifically highlighted.  Finally, we wanted some more recent posts to be included to show timeliness and relevance.  All in all, the content would have a mix of heavy legalese for referrals from other practitioners, while still providing easily digestible posts for prospective clients.

Therefore, we suggest a combination of fifteen (15) legal blog posts.  One or two of the larger posts that include a general overview of your practice areas, with subheadings of specific issues within that area of law.  Next, we recommend about five posts of smaller posts discussing specific issues within your main area of law.  This is so that a visitor to your website will see a diverse listing of titles listed under your blog, and hopefully the more specific one they are looking for.  With that said, we also suggest five more posts of these topics that are longer and more detailed to help educate prospective clients and to showcase your law firm’s competence.  Finally, we suggest two posts of current events to show relevance and timeliness to visitors coming to your website at launch.

Of course, depending on your current website and blog, these recommendations may change.  Another variable is your practice areas and how large your firm is, while also considering what the purpose of the law firm blog is.  For instance, if your law firm’s legal blog is for just personal injury, the content will be focused just that area of law.  However, if your legal blog is for general litigation practices, you will want some posts on personal injury, medical malpractice, employment law, products litigation, court concepts, and will contests.

If you are interested in learning more about our blog start-up kits, please visit our Primary Services or contact us with any questions you may have.

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