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The American Bar Association (“ABA”) published an article reporting the findings of a LexBlog 2012 end-of-the-year survey regarding U.S. law firms and legal blogs.  The study itself focused particularly on large law firms and reported some very interesting findings.

Of the top Am Law 200 law firms, 77-percent of those firms had legal blogs which constituted a 26-percent increase over the last report.  These firms were responsible for 633 blogs, which correlates with a 63-percent increase over the last report as well.

But what does this all mean?  The report found that, on average, firms with blogs rose in the rankings while firms without blogs slipped.  While all of the Am Law 200 increased their revenue last year, the study found that the 155 Am Law 200 firms with blogs increased their revenue by over a million dollars compared to the Am Law 200 firms without blogs.

The study admits that there could be some contributing factors, but still acknowledges that the results are important: Firms with legal content on their blogs will perform better than firms without.

Even though the study is for large law firms, the effect may be more pronounced for small to mid-size firms, particularly those in less-saturated markets.  That is because most, if not, all of the Am Law 200 firms are in large, saturated markets.  Firms in regions outside of the large markets would have a stronger affect with any advertising that they make.

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