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In addition to two years pre-formation, NAB Legal Marketing, LLC has been drafting legal content for blogs, newsletters, and websites for some of the top law firms in the country.  We have worked with law firms and lawyers in more than half of the states in our country!

We have now decided to expand website building for non-lawyers.  The inspiration for this shift came from pure observation that many barbershops, pizzerias, restaurants, and other small mom-and-pop shops do not have websites.  Many new businesses or small businesses cannot afford the thousands dollars–sometimes even $10,000–for a new website, plus the monthly hosting fees and yearly domain fees.  Coupled with the fact that an owner has to also manage the website with updates and other repairs, most business owners cannot be bothered.

That’s why you need to hire us through our new venture, CheapestWebsiteBuilder.com.

We build basic websites to get your business out on the internet.  Our plans start as low as $20 a month.  For that $20, we do maintenance, ensure the upkeep of your website, add a few blogposts each year, and also develop your web presence.  In some instances we can help get your business on Google as well–which other businesses charge almost a thousand dollars for.

Oh, and right now the down payment is ZERO.  

That’s is right.  Zero.

You tell us the domain you want, pick a monthly plan (as low as $20 a month), and sign a contract, and then we make you a website for no money down.

CRAZY, right?  As a startup ourselves and trying to develop a portfolio of clients with websites to showoff.  We are aiming to get new businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and other small businesses that cannot afford a website.  The only thing we ask is that, if we build your website with no money down, that we have our name on the bottom of your website.

But hurry!  This deal will not last forever!  We have already built a bar association website (www.GreeneCountyBar.com–still under construction because we need the names of the lawyers and practice areas, still pending request) and www.MikesBarbershipCatskill.com.

To learn more about our new venture, visit CheapestWebsiteBuilder.com.  Once this offer is gone, we will begin to charge for the creation of websites through our next venture . . . coming soon . . .

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