Want us to pay you?

We offer generous Finder’s Fees for any individual or firm who promotes our services resulting in business for us.  The Finder’s Fee can be used as a credit to your account or as a payment check.

Currently, our Finder’s Fee is the greater of $50 or 6.94% of the first month’s invoice or the total contract signed by a referred law firm.

This means for a one-year contract of seven posts a week, you can receive $500 for referring that law firm!


There are no limits to the number of firms you may receive compensation for!  And almost anyone can do it.  Even if you are an attorney at a law firm, you can still receive a Finder’s Fee for referring your own firm, unless you are a solo practitioner.

To collect your Finder’s Fee, make sure the firm you are promoting provides your name and e-mail address prior to or at the time of signing the contract.

Please note that a Finder’s Fee will only be paid once (1) full payment by the firm is received and, for contracts greater than one month, (2) the contract has be completed or near completion (final month).


If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information!


Photo credit to Idea go’s.

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