We are constantly adding to our FAQ.  Below are just some common questions with our answers.  If you do not see your question listed below, please feel free to send us an email at inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.


Do you have blog start-up kits for my legal blog prior to launching?

Because of our clients, yes we do!  Many clients have asked for and we have developed a comprehensive plan for populating a law firm’s legal blog or website with professional content.  That way, when you launch your domain, the content you have will reflect the competence and skill your firm has. 

Where can I find more information regarding your blog start-up kits?

We have added the blog start-up kits to the Primary Services page of our website.  Please visit that page for more information and, if you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you offer other types of blog posts not listed on your Primary Services?

Yes, of course!  We are very flexible to the types of blog posts you have may want.  We would need to discuss that purpose and content you are seeking, and we can give you an estimate of cost–almost always this is within the range we have already listed.


Questions about Payments

What methods of payment are there?

Currently, we only accept checks.  We may make an exception for cash payment, please contact us first through.  We are exploring the possibility of adding PayPal or credit cards, but that is not planned on in the near future. 

When are payments due?

Payment can be done in two ways.  For individual post billing, we will send you a bill around the first and fifteen of the month, and payment is due within fifteen days after that.  For pre-payment/retainer, payment is due up front and after that, within the first five days of the month.

Can I cancel my contract early?  Is there a fee?

For invoice billing, as soon as you notify us of termination we will stop posting and generate a bill.  There is no termination fee because you are only billed for the content you are provided.

But yes, we do allow an early cancellation of a contract!  We will pro-rate the time left and refund you that amount.  However, we do have a small fee.  For one to three month contracts the fee is $25, for four to eight months the fee is $50, and for nine months or greater, the fee is $150.  At our discretion, we may waive this fee.

Questions about the Finder’s Fee Program

How does your Finder’s Fee program work?

Almost anyone can receive a Finder’s Fee from us.  If you know of a firm that is looking for a legal content writer for their website or blog, please forward them our information!  If they retain us, at the time of signing the contract they need to mention your name and contact information that you referred them to us.  Then, according to our fee schedule based on commission, we will pay you!  If they are receiving invoices, you will get $50 after the first month’s invoice is paid or 6.94% of the invoice, whatever is greater.

Who cannot get a Finder’s Fee under your program?

Currently, the only individuals who cannot get a Finder’s Fee under our program are solo practitioners.  The reason being simple.  If a solo practitioner refers their practice to us, they getting an immediate discount if we pay them a Finder’s Fee.

I referred a firm to your business–when do I get paid and how?

When you refer a firm to us and they sign a contract, we will alert you to this.  If they pay for a one month contract, we will dispatch a check to your within ten business days.  If the firm signs up for a six month or one year contract, we will only pay you once the contract has been or is near completion.  The reason for this is because we do allow for an early cancellation and want to ensure we have covered our costs.

This is subject to change at our discretion to avoid unfair business practices.  But we will never withhold a Finder’s Fee from you longer than the contract length plus ten days.

Questions about Primary Services

Some of your competitors turn away clients for no reason–do you ever reject clients like this?

Only with one exception, we do not reject clients!  We will accept any clients that can articulate the services they are seeking and pay our associated fees in a timely manner.  The only clients we legally and ethically have to decline are attorneys or law firms practicing in the State of New York due to a conflict of interest; the founder and managing member was appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as senior law clerk to Justice Lisa M. Fisher.

Before I retain you to draft legal content for my firm’s website, do you have any samples?  Why does your website not have any?

If you are interested in retaining us, please contact us and during our initial consultation we will discuss your firm’s goals, practice areas, and style or tone you would like your articles and posts written in.  We will also review material on your website so we can accurately ghostwrite.  At that point, we will privately produce to you a sample tailored to your needs.  This is why we do not have any samples on our website.  Each attorney and firm is looking for something different, and posting one or two samples thinking it is suffice for everyone is just how we operate.  We tailor to each, individual client.

If I receive a sample from you, can I post it onto my website before retaining you?

Absolutely.  This sample is free and yours upon receipt whether or not you even retain us; there are no obligations.  But if you end up posting it, we would like to think you approve of our work and would discuss retention. 

It appears that your business needs my account and password for my website/blog, but I feel uncomfortable doing that.  Who do you share my password with?

We understand your hesitation.  Your account and password information will only be shared to upper management; none of the individual article or blog writers will receive it nor will any editors.  Only final read through and publishing staff will have it.

(follow up question to above) I still do not feel comfortable, do I have any other options?

Yes, of course!  If you do not want us accessing your website or blog, we will send you your article or blog as a Microsoft Word document.  We would discuss what time of the day you would like us to have your article or blog post by so we can have it completed, edited, and ready for your posting.

Questions about Ancillary Services

I do not understand what Active Posting is, could you elaborate?

Active Posting is something special.  Whenever we update your firm’s website or blog, we will actively seek out related news articles, blogs, and other content.  We will then post a comment to that source with a generic opinion about their content, summarize what your content is, and then provide a re-directing link to your firm’s website or blog.  The idea is to actively advertise your firm’s website and firm.  This is done multiple times per update to your firm too; it is not just once a day.

An example of Active Posting to a news article regarding pathogens on hospital uniforms would be:

This is a very interesting article.  It is particularly frightening that very serious drug-resistant pathogens and bacteria were found right on hospital employee’s clothing!  We recently litigated a case successfully for a patient who underwent surgery and developed a massive infection due to similar bacteria found on “sterilized” surgical tools.  If you would like to learn more, please visit our website at: [link].

What are special firm postings?  Why are there so many different prices?

Special firm postings are additional posts to your firm’s website.  These are particularly tailored to specific aspects of your practice.  When used in compilation with regular content postings, it can generate a very active website and blog for your firm to attract potential clients. 

You can purchase them all together in one, discounted package or separately.  Hence this is why they are broken down as such.


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