We provide ambitious individuals with an innovative and challenging work environment.  Whether a part of our central staff that assists with publishing, managing finances, and corresponding with clients, or as a legal article or blog writer, we provide training and competitive compensation.

If you are a law student or young attorney, we seek individuals who have a sincere interest in law, possess strong writing and research abilities, and who have completed at least one semester at law school.

Most projects pay between $5 and $20, and take between 15 minutes to one hour.  There are some projects that pay more ($50-75) and take between two-three hours.  Sometimes we get very high paying projects ($150+) which take extended periods of time to complete (5 or even 10 hours +).

If you are interested and have the requisite experience, please forward your resume to employment@NABLegalMarketing.com.

HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: If you are willing to work as an independent contractor for us, you must be prepared to accept projects which may pay as low as $5 for 15-30 minutes of work.  To get the larger projects, you must earn your credibility for the better projects; high-paying projects go to the more reliable, consistent, and experienced contractors first.

ALSO NOTE: There may be editing positions available.  There positions may be just $2 for a 5 minute review.  When there are big projects (such as when we build a website), there may be 15-20 pages to edit, all paying $2 each, which should only take an hour and a half to do.

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