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Law Firm Practice Area Pages: An Important Window Into Your Firm

LawyerThe most important aspect of your legal website is the content posted to the webpages.  We offer a legal writing service to draft that search engine optimized content for your website.  We have the ability to draft on a wide-range of practice areas in any state throughout the country.  Further, all of our content is researched, drafted, or edited by a New York State Supreme Court Principal law clerk!

The length of each page can be chosen and most firms chose 500 words long which is generally between $60 – $90, but we recommend 600-700 or more words for SEO purposes which generally is $70 – $110.  Generally, practice area pages are lengthier and more in-depth into a law firm’s practice.  For instance, a general practice page could be medical malpractice.  That page would also discuss in subsection surgical errors, foreign objects, delayed diagnoses, and birth injuries.  Further, minor pages are usually shorter and less expensive.  For example, brachial plexus pages are a subset of birth injuries and would be approximately 300 words long.

We also offer pages for common injuries faced by attorneys representing clients, such as spinal cord, injuries to children, and traumatic brain injuries.

After a consultation regarding your goals, we will provide you with a lengthy checklist of each practice area page to draft and a related cost.  You will be able to note which pages you are interested in, and return the form to us.  We will complete the legal content as outlined on that form and provide you with a rough draft in a single Word processing document for style and tone.  Upon your review, we will complete final edits and submit the complete draft to you.  You are entitled to unlimited edits and reviews by our office, and payment is not required until your satisfaction of the content.

Retention and Payment

Unlike other legal content writing businesses, we do not turn away clients; we are able to provide website content for any size firm on any area of law!  In addition, we provide services to law firm support businesses such as document storage, forensics, and other law firm marketing businesses.

Upon completion of the legal content drafted to your satisfaction, we will send an invoice noting all of the practice areas and the cost.  Payment is due 15 days from the invoice submission.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information.

For inquiries into our services or to retain us, please send an email to inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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