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Our legal blog posts are researched, drafted, or edited by a New York State Supreme Court principal law clerk–how many legal marketing businesses can say that?  Our legal content writer was also a former personal injury lawyer who has practical experience handling real personal injury accident cases including auto accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, construction accidents, dog bites, and other types of personal injury cases.

Hire a Legal Content Writer

Personal injury law firms are the types of law firms that generally need the most focus and help from a legal content writer or law firm blog writer.  This is because a legal content writer can really help your law firm grow its online presence and get onto the first page of Google and other search engines.  It is important to hire a competent legal content writer because of the wide-variety of practice area pages for law firm blogs.

For instance, some of the most common and important blog posts that a legal content writer can draft for your law firm blog includes the following:

  • Auto accidents: rear end collisions, speeding crashes, drunk driving, texting while driving, distracted driving, road rage, head on collisions, running a red light or stop sign, and other motor vehicle accidents.
  • Trucking accidents: FMCSA violations, hours of service violations, rear end truck accidents, speeding truck accidents, tire blowouts, mechanical defects, unlicensed truck drivers, CDL violations, unsecured cargo, and other 18 wheeler accidents.
  • Medical malpractice: birth injuries, anesthesia errors, failure to diagnose heart attacks, failure to diagnose cancer, surgical errors, medication errors, nerve block injuries, and other nerve injuries.
  • Premises liability claims: slip and falls, trip and falls, “traps,” dog bites, animal attacks, slippery aisles, stairwell falls, snow and ice, negligent repairs, and other land cases.
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect: lack of supervision, bed sores, pressure ulcers, medication errors, negligent wound care, negligent hiring, dehydration, and other claims.
  • Construction accidents: falls, debris falling, mechanical errors, truck accidents, and other injuries; and
  • Any other personal injury.

Victims with personal injuries need to know that their prospective law firm does is trustworthy.  This is why hiring a legal content writer and a law firm blog writer to draft content for your law firm’s personal injury website is very important.  Knowing how to draft law firm blogs and frame the content for search engines is incredibly important to retain new clients.

Why It is Imperative For Law Firms to Hire a Legal Content Writer

Lawyers are just busy people.  This is particularly true for personal injury lawyers who are practicing in solo or small firms and cannot afford to hire a marking company, human resources, or other business managers.  Nor can solo or small firm lawyers spend a lot of time–or sometime any time–on marketing.  This is because it pulls away from cases that make money, and in small firms that is a most.

Enter the legal content writer.  This is a person who can draft legal content for your personal injury law firm and legal website or law blog.  This is not a full-time staff member, although it is important for a legal content writer to be a regular part of your team in terms of marketing.  Legal content writers should have certain strengths, including the following:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge;
  • Legal experience;
  • Strong writing skills;
  • Strong computer skills and is internet savvy;
  • Understanding of how Google and search engines work;
  • The ability to translate legalese into an 8th grade report;
  • Ability to keep with a schedule; and
  • Many other important skills.

Here at NAB Legal Marketing, LLC, our legal content writer is a licensed lawyer in multiple states and federal courts, including New York.  He has worked on the defense side, plaintiff’s personal injury (both litigation and appellate), and is now appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as a court attorney to a Supreme Court Justice.  This experience on plaintiff, defense, and with chambers is unique.  We have not found ANY other legal content writing companies or marketing companies that have an individual with these credentials on their staff.

Our legal content writer and personal injury legal content writer has been doing this for a decade.  Even before becoming a lawyer, our writer was working out of a dorm with one of the top medical malpractice lawyers in New York.  This quickly grew into a strong business when the lawyer received from great leads from our blogs, including one $3.6 million medical malpractice case that was landed DIRECTLY from a blog post.  This was part of the impetus for our legal content writing and legal marketing business to start.

Now after a decade after the first blog post, we are still in business.  And with these credentials as a New York lawyer and now in chambers, our legal content writer simply would not be doing this if it was not successful and lucrative.  And it is lucrative because our legal content is working for law firms and lawyers throughout the United States, especially for personal injury lawyers and law firms.

What Can Our Legal Content Writer and Law Firm Blog Writer Do For You?

Our legal content writer can draft any length of law firm blog content that you would like.  Most of the law firm blog content is between 300 and 500 words.  The goals of these legal blog posts are to educate your readers, attract prospective clients to your website, and expand your web presence to get an edge on your competitors.  Moreover, we can highlight events occurring at your firm, discuss recent victories, and spotlight your firm’s experienced attorneys.  We are legal content writers and law firm blog writers your law firm’s online needs.

Additionally, we provide a legal article writing service which varies the price according to what our client is looking for (i.e. citations or no citations, length of article, etc).  Our legal content writer can draft this content for you and your law firm’s article needs.  Generally, clients ask us to write articles for them on their own website, Lawyers.com, or EZineArticles.com in their name to help promote their services.  For a quote on legal articles, please contact us directly!

Recognizing How Important it if to Have a Strong Legal Website

It does not matter if you have endless money to throw into television commercials, radio ads, bus murals, and other types of advertising.  The end result will all be the same: most people today will see your advertisement and go onto the internet to search your law firm.  If you have a poor law firm website and weak legal content, even the best law firm TV commercial will still result in a lackluster conversation rate of new clients.  That is a simply and true fact.  People will not hire you if your law firm–the thing they can actually see for a long time–is in shambles.

How a Legal Blog can Help Your Legal Website

There are many reasons why to have a legal blog.  The most obvious is that a legal blog allows you to easily add more content on a regular basis to your law firm’s website.  This easy medium helps you keep your website updated.  This is something that Google checks when it evaluates websites and their overall health.

A legal blog is almost important because it is an entirely different type of page on your website.  You should have practice area pages, or the same pages that stay up all the time.  Even though you should update these from time to time, or completely re-write them.  These are known as “static” pages, or pages that do not change.  They are very important parts of your legal website.  This is because static pages make up the skeleton and even most of the essential muscle of your website.

A law firm blog, on the other hand, is not a static page.  Every time you post content to your legal website, you are changing the appearance of that page.  Yes, each blog post is staying the same.  (Think of each blog post as a page anyway.) But your blogs will be posted to a blog page on your website.  The blog page itself is static, but it is constantly updating and changing with the blogs you are posting.  This means Google and other search engines will see your website as constantly updating itself and changing.  That is great, because Google sees this as an updated, relevant, and healthy website that is producing content.

Having a legal content writer to help your legal website by developing legal blog posts is therefore essential to your law firm website or lawyer website. And it is not as expensive as you may think.  In fact, a year’s worth of legal content and law firm blogs from a legal content writer is typically less than an average or moderately-aggressive Google ad campaign.  The only difference is that most Google ad campaigns still need a strong legal content writer to draft the content, otherwise what is the point in paying lots of money to market with bad material?

Our Legal Content Rates

Our rates for legal content and law firm blog posts depending on your firm’s needs, size of the post needed, topic area, and frequency of posts.  Most unique legal content is between $30 and $60, but our legal content can be as low as $20 and go up to $100 or more depending on length.  In addition, we charge between $10 and $50 for article or blog rewrites.  Prices will vary based on what your firm is looking for from our legal content writer and law firm blog writer.

After consultation into what your firm’s needs and practice areas, our legal content writer can offer a FREE legal article or blog post as a sample prior to retaining our services.  Ask today!

Are you launching a new blog?  Do you want to have your legal content writer populate your law firm’s website when you launch it?  Learn more about our blog start-up kits here!

Retention and Payment

Unlike other legal content writing businesses, we do not turn away clients (except New York law firms due to a conflict of interest); we are able to provide law firm website content for any size firm on any area of law!  In addition, we provide services to law firm support businesses such as document storage, computer forensics, medical experts, and other law firm marketing businesses.

For billing, we have a monthly billing option (invoices) or a retainer.

For our monthly billing option, we will keep track of the number of posts completed for your firm and send you an invoice of all the articles you have received on the 1st of the month.  Payment is due by 15 days later.

We may agree to or ask for a retainer to deduct services provided to you at an agreed upon rate from a lump sum paid in advance.  This is rare and will only be asked upon request.

If You Need a Law Firm Blog Writer, Ask Us To Be On Your Team

Having a legal content writer is simply imperative and important for your law firm.  You could pay for Google ads which is very costly, especially in certain cities and other legal topics like auto accidents and trucking accidents.  You may easily spend more on marketing through Google Ads than you could recover in most auto accident cases.  Yes, Google Ads could cost you thousands of dollars each month in very competitive markets for very competitive topics.

Organic Ads Are What Law Firms Need

Or you could have organic ads.  These types of ads are not paid.  They are earned based on the merit of your website’s content, particularly the practice area pages and legal blogs.  In fact, organic ads are the best way to market your law firm successfully.  Legal content that has proper search engine optimization (SEO) will be organic and producing results much longer than a paid Google ad.  It will also be much cheaper.  The thousands a month spent on paid Google ads could be spend over the course of an entire year and produce results for a much longer period of time.

Even Using Paid Ads, Law Firms Need to Use Good Legal Content

Not to mention, even if you are running paid Google ads, it is still important to realize that those ads needs to be of solid legal content.  If you pay for Google ads and the advertisements are very poor, you are just wasting your money.  It is important to have strong personal injury legal content and law firm blogs when you are using either organic posts or paid posts.  Ask our legal content writer how we can help ensure that you web presence and law firm marketing is what you need to acquire new clients.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information.

For inquiries into our services or to retain us, please send an email to inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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