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About Our Legal Content Writer

NAB Legal Marketing, LLC was founded in 2012 by Nicholas A. Battaglia, Esq. who remains the managing member of the company.  However, the first concept of a legal content writing venture began in 2010.  This is when our first blog posts were drafted when Mr. Battaglia was just a law student looking to make a few extra bucks.  Any about our legal content writer needs to acknowledge the support from family, friends, and law professors who encourages this fledgling to fly.

Licensed to Practice Law, Appointed to the Supreme Court, and Other Distinctions

Mr. Battaglia is a licensed attorney in both New York and New Jersey.  He started his career as a New York personal injury litigator and appellate attorney.  His performance in 2014 resulted in a Super Lawyers: Rising Star Award for 2015.  This is an award given to the top 2.5% of personal injury lawyers under the age of 40 and with less than 10 years of practice experience.

In January 2015, he was appointed to the New York State Supreme Court, Greene County, where he is a principal court attorney for Justice Lisa M. Fisher.  In 2019, Mr. Battaglia was appointed as member of the Character and Fitness Committee for the Third Judicial District in the Third Judicial Department.

Outside of court, in 2019 Mr. Battaglia was appointed chairperson of the Town of Coeymans Planning Board.  He served as secretary of the Greene County Bar Association and was elected in 2020 to serve as Vice President.

For a digital resume, please visit Mr. Battaglia’s LinkedIn Page available here.

In addition to being licensed in New Jersey and New York, he is also licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York.  He has numerous publications through law reviews, state bar associations, and other online mediums.

The Beginnings: About Our Legal Content Writer

NAB Legal Marketing, LLC started as a humble side-job for a law student to gain experience in an interested area of law while honing his research and writing skills.  As noted on the “Testimonials” page, it was an instant success.  The response from regular clients, prospective clients, and other attorneys referring cases was apparent and profound.  This small dorm room job quickly launched into a nationwide opportunity.

Quick Growth for Our Legal Content Writer and Legal Marketing Business

After some local success, our legal content writer started to advertise nationally and quickly started to work with law firms practicing in almost 40 states.  At the time, we handled all types of law firm blogs including divorce, family law, criminal law, Medicaid planning, estates, probate, trusts, bankruptcy, FDCPA, TCPA, custody, contracts, healthcare planning, nursing homes, and of course personal injury law firms.  Given this growth, at one time we had 7-8 other lawyers working as independent contracts to draft, edit, research, or prepare blog post for clients.

However, Mr. Battaglia still had and still has a strong affinity for personal injury cases.  This is partially because of his practice experience on the defense side and then the plaintiff’s side.  However, our legal content writer also enjoys the more complicated medical issues which are common in personal injury cases.  This is particularly true of medical malpractice cases and birth injuries.  Any about our legal content writer needs to acknowledge not just the legal achievements and interests, but also the medical and anatomical interests.  This is why helps our legal content and blog posts resonate with prospective clients.

Jumping to SEO for Our Personal Injury Law Firm Clients

Our legal content writer started this business a decade ago.  To think back over at the technological advancements from the last decade is head spinning.  One of the largest technological advancements had to be through search engine optimization, or SEO.  This is particularly true for Google, which exploded from strong search engine contender to the immeasurable search engine that it is today.  This forced a lot of research and time spent in developing new approaches to improving law firm success through law firm blog posts.

And we did it.

Our medical malpractice legal content writer had a $3.6 million award come in for one of our New York medical malpractice lawyers.  The client met with the lawyer referencing the law firm blog post on the lawyer’s website.  The attorney took the case and, after contentious litigation, recovered a $3.6 million award.  This is the proven success and results that we strive for and deliver.

We work hard to market your law firm so you do not have to.

There is nothing about our legal content writer that is not amazing.  You simply will not find a resume like our legal content writer.  Mr. Battaglia has actual litigation experience, proven appellate success, experience on both the defense and plaintiff side, as well as actual chambers’ experience.  Our personal injury legal content writer also serves on an ethics committee and even has experience as chairperson for a Town Planning Board.  Get our asset on your side to help your law firm grow!

Our Vision

Finding You Catastrophically Injured Clients

We provide outstanding legal content to find you seriously injured clients in need to a personal injury lawyer.

Targeted Blog Posts

Most of our law firm blog posts are specific and targeted to a certain type of accident or particular type of injury with the intent of focusing on the best cases for lawyers.

For Your Jurisdiction

We draft law firm blog posts for your target jurisdiction and in your geographic areas, not generalized posts that could be for anywhere.

Why we exist

Shifting to a Personal Injury Legal Content Writer

While we have delivered powerful law firm blog content for many other law firms in different practice areas, the most successful has been personal injury.  After much internal debate, we have decided to shift our services to mainly helping personal injury law firms.  While we would still draft content for other law firms on a select basis (still ask!), given Mr. Battaglia’s prior experience as a lawyer, chambers’ experience, and proven track record of success for personal injury law firms, NAB Legal Marketing, LLC has made this important shift.

This is partially because there are over 6 million motor vehicle accidents a year, 5 million dog bites, and almost half a million preventable fatal medical errors, but year the 1.35 million lawyers in the United States still had to fight hard for cases.  We intend to help those who seek our services to get better leverage in this cutthroat market.  Nothing about our legal content writer could stress how motivated and passionate he feels to help any personal injury lawyer that asks for a law firm blog writer to save a legal practice.

Our Legal Content Writers Are Focused on Connecting Personal Injury Lawyers to Catastrophically Injured Negligence Victims

Frequently asked questions

We can create any type of personal injury legal content post, including auto accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, trip and falls, trucking accidents, wrongful death, birth injuries, construction site injuries, and any other types of injuries caused by the negligent actions or omissions of another.  This is all about our legal content writer and what personal injury experience he can deliver to your law firm blog.

Yes, we absolutely will draft practice area pages for personal injury law firms.  These types of pages take a different approach than law firm blog posts because they require additional time, research, and attention.  This means practice area pages may also be more expensive than legal blog posts.  Ask our legal content writer for a quote today.

Yes, if you are launching a personal injury website or law firm blog, we can populate your blog with a series of personal injury blog posts.  We will vary the lengths of the blog posts and provide an array of topics.  The lengths and topics are selected after discussions with the client on how to best startup the lawyer’s blog.  Ask us today how we can get your law firm blog off to a running start!

Sometimes, but always ask us to see how we would proceed.  We have experience drafting all different types of law firm blog posts that you could imagine.  However, based on our legal content writer’s experience and our present business model, some areas of law firm content may not be feasible.  For instance, we simply do not feel comfortable drafting criminal law blog posts.  This is because we have a decade of experience drafting legal content and practicing law, but not a single day in court handling a criminal matter.  We also would shy away from complicated Medicaid planning cases.  We would, however, consider divorce, debt collection, family law, contract, and other similar areas of law for legal content.  It is always important to just ask our legal marketing business if we can help.  Even if we decide that we cannot draft you legal content for your law firm blog, we have over a decade of experience in the business and we can direct you to another legal content writer that is competent and produces good work.  Ask us for advice!

We're a Done Deal

Our legal content writing services provide the best value to personal injury lawyers and law firms with affordable and detailed legal content.

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