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Why Should I Hire Someone to Write My Firm’s Blog?

You might be skeptical in hiring someone to draft legal content to post to your firm’s blog.  You might think you could get away paying a law student to do it for $10 a post, or just assigning it to an associate to complete it in half an hour or so.

But these are fatal flaws.  Granted, you may be able to find some successful law students who can do this–this is how NAB formed in the first place!  However, inevitably, classes will pile out, rogue professors will demand assignments with only a days notice, and finals will creep up on the student.  Additionally, this is just ONE set of eyes researching, drafting, editing, and checking the content before posting it online.  There certainly is the chance for errors to occur.

Moreover, assigning this to your associate is another horrible idea.  Why?  Well–what are you billing your associate’s time out as?  Does it make sense to have your associate draft a post each day when they could be billing a client?  Hypothetically, if you are billing your associate $200 an hour, and it takes conservatively half an hour to draft a legal blog to post to your website, that is $500 a week lost drafting a blog post!  You could pay NAB Legal Marketing that $500 for an entire month and have us draft these posts for you!  Additionally, assigning this to an associate also suffers from only one set of eyes reading the blog post!

While hiring us might be more expensive than hiring a law student, we will certainly be more accurate.  And while you definitely trust your own associates more than an outside company, we are more economical and still produce a similar if not better product.

If you are interested in retaining us or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.


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