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Update: Changes to our Finder’s Fee Policy

Due to the multiple variations of our contracts length, frequency of posting, and cost, we have re-evaluated our Finder’s Fee policy.  To make it easier to calculate, we have determined that the Finder’s Fee will be on a basis of commission.  That commission rate will be 6.94%. 

Please note that this still does provide for $500 for a full year, seven days a week posting contract signed by a firm.  However, we do recognize that this does severely limit one month contract provisions.  Thus, in an effort to make it fair, there will be a minimum amount of $50 for a one-month contract. 

Therefore, our new policy is the following: Commission will be the greater of $50 or 6.94% of the contract signed by the firm as a result of promotion by a third-party (the Finder).

Please note that we still reserve the right to raise the Finder’s Fee, particularly for one-month contracts.

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