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We are Legal Blog Writers for America’s Law Firms.

quill pen and ink well with paper scrollOur legal blog posts are researched, drafted, or edited by a New York State Supreme Court senior law clerk–how many legal marketing businesses can say that?

Each legal blog post varies from 300 to 900 words each, with most around 450-500 words.  The goals of these legal blog posts are to educate your readers, attract prospective clients to your website, and expand your web presence to get an edge on your competitors.  Moreover, we can highlight events occurring at your firm, discuss recent victories, and spotlight your firm’s experienced attorneys.  We are legal blog writers for your law firm’s needs.

Additionally, we provide a legal article writing service which varies the price according to what our client is looking for (i.e. citations or no citations, length of article, etc).  Generally, clients ask us to write articles for them on there own website, Lawyers.com, or EZineArticles.com in their name to help promote their services.  For a quote on legal articles, please contact us directly!

Currently, we charge between $20 and $70 per blog post depending on your firm’s needs, size of the post needed, topic area, and frequency of posts.  In addition, we charge between $10 and $50 for article or blog rewrites.  Prices will vary based on what your firm is looking for.

After consultation into what your firm’s needs and practice areas, our legal blog writers offer a FREE legal article or blog post as a sample prior to retaining our services.  Ask today!

Are you launching a new blog?  Do you want to have your legal blog populated when you launch it?  Learn more about our blog start-up kits here!

Retention and Payment

Unlike other legal content writing businesses, we do not turn away clients (except New York law firms due to a conflict of interests); we are able to provide website content for any size firm on any area of law!  In addition, we provide services to law firm support businesses such as document storage, computer forensics, medical experts, and other law firm marketing businesses.

For billing, we have a monthly billing option (invoices) or a retainer.

For our monthly billing option, we will keep track of the number of posts completed for your firm and send you an invoice of all the articles you have received on the 1st of the month.  Payment is due by 15 days later.

We may agree to or ask for a retainer to deduct services provided to you at an agreed upon rate from a lump sum paid in advance.  This is rare and will only be asked upon request.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information.

For inquiries into our services or to retain us, please send an email to inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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