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Law Firm Marketing: Why it’s Hard and Why Legal Blogs Work

Let’s face it: People ignore advertising–there is just too much.  For instance, Consumer Reports estimated that Americans see 247 commercials in a day.  Marah Creative, a successful web development firm, estimated that number to be 287 directed advertisements a day.  A news agency swelled that number to 500 advertisements a day for the average American.  Yet another source estimated we see–in one form or another–up to 5,000 advertisements, marketing campaigns, or slogans a DAY!

This is particularly true of attorney advertising as well.  Most firms and attorneys pay hefty amounts of money to over-saturate the market with there names, slogans, and logo; the principle being name recognition.  Particularly against large firms, other attorneys cannot compete head-to-head with this advertising strategy; it just costs too much.

But we already acknowledged people ignore attorney advertising.  The fact of the matter is most people do not need attorneys, and the ones that do likely already have attorneys.  Thus, why would people focus on attorney advertising in those situations?  They won’t!

For instance, you do not pay attention to car dealership or real estate opportunities until you need either a car or house.  At that point, you will investigate–generally online–your options to make your best choice.  You’ll seek out information not just about the car or house, but also the individuals who are imposing the product on you.  The same is true for attorneys.

So how can you stand out to either individuals who do not have an attorney yet or those that have one?  A legal blog!

Like cars and homes, attorneys are expensive.  With the difficult economy, individuals want to make sure they are getting the best value for their money.  Despite seeing significant amounts of advertising, individuals will still go online to look up the attorney’s information.  Think about it–if you want to buy a car and you see hundreds of commercials for a dealership, do you call that dealership straight from the TV commercial?  Or do search online for “car dealerships in [city/town]”?

This is another boon to your practice!  A “TV law firm’s” website might only be a shell providing just contact information, YouTube videos of that commercial (again), and some over-broad statements about their practice or successes.  The client really does not get a feel for the quality of their work though.

However, your website is well-maintained and contains a legal blog.  This blog provides insight into your practice, how your firm operates, and provides free legal information to clients.  Free is always good–especially because some clients do not want money or “justice,” but they actually want answers.  Providing quality information on your website with the answers embedded in a blog will empower your clients to understand their situation better with the material provided.

Moreover, your blog extends your practice area and generates more internet “buzzwords” which can be hit-on by more internet searches.  The more buzzwords you have out there on the internet, the more opportunities that prospective clients have to connect with your legal blog on your law firm’s website.  It is this expansion of “web presence” that will get your more clients then forking over significant amounts of money for “name recognition.”

We provide quality articles or blog posts for your law firm’s website to be drawn in these new clients.  We believe it is essential for attorneys–young and experienced–to be on the internet in this day and age.  If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please contact us at inquiries@nablegalmarketing.com.


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