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Law Firm Marketing: Is There A Magic Bullet?

Most other legal marketing experts will tell you “absolutely not–it is a combination of a lot of complex factors.”  And you know what, they’re generally right.  You cannot simply buy the side-advertising space of a larger bus to beat your competitors, nor can you add borders or colors to your Yellow Pages ad to make it stand out.   BUT there still is a common theme underlying many–if not all–of the legal marketing “theories” out there.


To be success at marketing you need to consistently keep at it through many avenues.  Paying large sums of money for the most attractive, functional attorney website out there will, frankly, do nothing for you in the long run if you are not 1) adding content to it regularly, 2) updating the pages regularly, 3) advertising it through more than just organic internet searches, and 4) updating your website’s frame work.  You need to continually work at attracting prospective clients through new means.

So instead of really one magic bullet, you need more like a magic gun–a golden gun of legal marketing. You’ll need to shoot out your image:

  • On the internet through search engine searches advertisements on the side
  • On your website; keep it updated!  The internet changes overnight–paying once for the be-all, end-all website will not continue to work for long.  SEO rules particularly become outdated at a pace which seems daily!
  • On your blog–it is absolutely one of the most important marketing and information tools out there today for attorneys who generally do not utilize its full potential.  Constantly updating and adding content is the only way to keep your website effective.
  • On social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.  These are free and easy opportunities for you to expand your readership and presence out there.  As some friends and family directly to re-share some of your posts, or just generally your Facebook page, to reach new individuals.
  • Through mass-mailing newsletters to send out to current or past clients to let them know you are still willing to assist them with any legal issues that may arise.  Newsletter could also include information CDs or DVDs for your clients who prefer to listen as oppose to read your newsletters; give them many different mediums.
  • Perhaps on the TV through advertisements we well.  Generally, I disfavor TV advertisements because people are trained to ignore what’s in between the shows.  However, if you neglected to advertise on the TV, you would certainly miss out on a certain demographic.
  • Through YOU.  That’s right–you’re face-to-face interactions with individuals.  You need to marketing yourself through these interactions, even if it is just letting others know who you are, what you do, and that you are always willing to help them .  A sharp business card does wonders here, particularly when you hand them two; one for them, and one for a friend.

These are just examples of SOME of the different ways to expand your presence.  Recognize the heavy emphasis on internet solutions; a must.  Simply failing to use the internet to your advantage will leave you miles behind your competitors.  Also notice that most of these solutions can be rather simple or basic, but you need to have a full and balanced lineup to win the game.  Only doing what is best or simplest for you, is still neglecting other facets you could be taking advantage fo that might be best or simplest (accessible) for your clients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at inquires@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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