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Law Firm Marketing and the Economy

Let’s face it, the economy is having a massive impact on the legal field.  Whether you are a law student trying to get hired, a young associate trying to lateral, a senior associate hoping to partner, or a partner hoping to merge and expand your firm, the economy has really point the brakes on legal employment movement.

But the economy also affects our clients.  Historically, in bouts of tough economic times the divorce rate drops.  Why?  It is not because people all of a sudden started to get along much better than they previously have.  But it is actually that people can no longer afford to divorce.  People are less likely to hire an attorney if they have to pay up front.  So while some people might get more litigious in hopes of earning money, others will stray away from it.

This means clients are more likely to take the law in their own hands by making their own wills, going to court pro se, or even foregoing lawsuits they normally should take.

When a client does have a good claim, they will certainly shop around for the best buy possible.  This does not necessarily mean the cheapest rate either.  This could be the “best bang for your bucks” approach.  That is, what attorney will provide me the best value for my money.

One of the best ways to show you are a good value is to have a good website and blog.  If you are freely discussing the law on your blog–and therefore providing a valuable resource to clients–you are showing them that you truly care for your clients a lot.  Because if you are giving prospective clients a lot of instruction on the law through your blog or website for free, then you must really give your paying clients significantly more attention!

That is why NAB Legal Marketing has the answers for you.  We can draft blog posts for your firm that are informative and flattering.  It will educate your clients and entice prospective clients to contact you to form an attorney-client relationship.  Most importantly, we will do this in the most economically feasible method for your firm!  Contact us today to learn more about our services at inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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