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Educating Clients; How Good Blogs Attract Clients

Having a legal blog serves many purposes.  It works to expand your law firm’s net to attract and hook prospective clients searching on the net.  It educates your clients and prospective clients by providing digestible, legal content that is interesting and timely.  Most importantly, a blog highlight’s your firm’s achievements, strengths, and advertises your practice areas.

Remember though, we are trained attorneys.  Some of us have been practicing law for significant periods of time.  Our clients are–usually–not attorneys but in fact laypersons.  Thus, they might not understand the subtle nuances of the law that might be imperative for their claims.

For instance, look at the oral arguments that just finished at the Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act.  This Act has confounded some of this country’s finest jurists in the Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Circuit courts; the second highest level courts in the United States. Even look at the Supreme Court Justices, possibly the nine brightest legal minds in the country, and there is still a complete split amongst them on almost every, single issue.

Because of this, your legal blog absolutely has to break down the law, the policy, and water-down some of the most complicated cases and concepts so your clients can understand it.  If you can educate them on the law, this will create curiosity.  They will continue to visit your website and make it a routine stop during their day.  If they or a friend need a lawyer, they surely will know your firm’s name first!

But more importantly, if your clients can understand the law, they can understand when they have been aggrieved.  They can also learn some of the contingencies regarding the law.  For example, a good medical malpractice blog will not only frequently break down what medical malpractice is, provide cases as examples, and educate your clients on warning signs of medical malpractice, but it will also educate your clients on the statute of limitations so clients know their claim is “ticking.”

Remember, knowledge is power.  As attorneys, our knowledge is our trade; we sell the skills and intellect we posses.  Breaking down the basics of the law in a simple blog post is the best way to share this knowledge and grow your practice.

Here at NAB Legal Marketing, we work to ensure your blog can educate your clients on the law down to the very nuances necessary to attract them to your practice.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to retain us, please send us an e-mail at inquiries@nablegalmarketing.com.

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