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Announcing New Venture: CheapestWebsiteBuilder.com

In addition to two years pre-formation, NAB Legal Marketing, LLC has been drafting legal content for blogs, newsletters, and websites for some of the top law firms in the country.  We have worked with law firms and lawyers in more than half of the states in our country! We haveRead More…

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$3.6 Million Recovery in Case from Our Internet Marketing! Legal Content Writers Share Important News

NAB Legal Marketing, LLC Client John H. Fisher, Esq. Reports that his Recent $3.6 Million Recovery Came from an Internet Hit from Our Legal Content Writing Services and Advertising Legal content writing services are very important.  It simply cannot be stressed enough that internet marketing is vital to lawyers.  Less and lessRead More…

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4 Law Firm Blog Mistakes You Should NEVER Make

Law Firm Blog Mistakes That KILL Your Chances at Getting Clients and Increasing Your Website Ranking Most attorneys are not marketers.  Nor are they website developers.  Believe it or not, some attorneys are not even writers!  But when it comes to legal marketing, online legal marketing is the cheapest andRead More…

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Personal Injury Legal Blog: Important Drafting Points

Of all law firm types, it may be the most important for a plaintiff’s personal injury law firms to use the internet to solicit business.  Not only are injured people using the internet to learn more about their injuries for medical reasons–known as the Web MD effect–they are also usingRead More…

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New Year, New Website, New Services: NAB Worked With Lawyers in 13 States in 2013

Legal Marketer With Clients in 13 States, Practicing in 37 States As we end one year and begin another, we would like to thank our loyal customers in 2013.  We had the pleasure of working with law firms and attorneys across the United States.  These law firms and attorneys practiceRead More…

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Using Your Legal Blog Effectively to Improve Your Law Firm Website

While a legal blog is no substitute for a substantial law firm website, your legal blog is an essential tool to increase the visibility of your law firm website.  In fact, blog websites are primed to create traffic flow to the individual posts much faster than a regular website isRead More…

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Legal Content Writer Shares the ABA Journal’s Tech Trends Report

The June 2013 issue of the ABA Journal republished the 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report in the “Business of Law” section of their magazine.  As a legal content writer and practicing attorney, there is great interest in observing and reacting to the trends that relate to me. All of theRead More…

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Legal Blog Start-up Kits; One Client’s Request Becomes A New Service

As legal content writers, we are always willing to take request from clients regarding services we may provide.  Back in August, we had received a request seeking a legal blog start-up kit which comprised of a group of blog posts to help populate a legal blog before launching it publicly. Read More…

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What is PageRank and Why It Matters for Legal Content

Too many legal content writers go off the “content is king” approach.  That is not entirely true though.  Legal content is much more complex than just drafting blog posts and articles.  But as you’ll read in this post, content is less than one-fourth of a webpage’s overall ranking.  Each postRead More…

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Why to Hire a Legal Content Writer for your Law Firm Website

Many people ask why hire a legal content writer to draft blog posts or articles for your firm’s website.  Many firms typically assign this task to their support staff, associates, or even have partners/members and of counsel on a rotating schedule.  This is a flawed approach for many reasons. First,Read More…

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