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Additional Legal Marketing Services: Full-Service Care

We have the capability to do much more than just draft legal articles and legal blog posts for your firm.  Listed below are the ancillary services we offer, which will further expand your web presence to attract more clientele with the need for your unique services.

However, please note that, even though we will not turn clients away from our primary legal content writing service, we may turn away requests for ancillary services.  The only ancillary service we will always accept is Social Media Posting.


Social Media Posting                                      $60 a month

**Our most popular ancillary service!**

For every post uploaded to your firm’s blog, we will additionally provide a link and brief synopsis of the post to your firm’s Facebook page or Twitter account redirecting clients to your website.  We will also answer or redirect any clients that comment to the social media posts to your firm.

Social Media Website Creation                      $200 (up to any 2 sites; $50 for more)

If your firm has not yet broken into the social media scene, we can create a Facebook page, Twitter page, or any other social media website for your firm.  This includes uploading all of your firm’s practice information, pictures, and attorney profiles.

Active Posting                                                $500 a month

This is one of our most aggressive services to increase your web presence rapidly!

For every post uploaded to your firm’s blog, we will actively seek out related legal commentary, online news articles, and blogs.  Next, we will post remarks and links to that source which would redirect readers to your firm’s blog and related posts.

Special Firm Postings  For all below services below (or you can pick them individually):                                                    $1,000 a month

These services are in addition to your firm’s primary posts.  These services are done every day notwithstanding which primary plan you have.  This means your firm will have multiple posts each day and constant updates to your blog and/or social media.

You can purchase them all together in one lump package for the price above, or you can pick and choose which services you want below.

Publications                                                     $400 a month

When your attorneys publish articles, we will provide a brief synopsis of the publication and a link to the full text document (if available).

Events/Charity/Pro bono                                $300 a month

We will post information describing special events, charity work, or pro bono cases going on at your firm to your blog and/or social media page.

Promotions                                                     $300 a month

We will post this information onto your blog and/or social media page regarding special promotions or advertising currently running at your firm.

Case Result Analysis                                     $350 a month

As your firm continues to win cases, we will break down the results and post them onto your firm’s blog and/or social media.  If available, we will post the judge’s decision and other news or press releases.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ for more information!

For inquiries into our services or to retain us, please send an email to inquiries@NABLegalMarketing.com.

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